Rajesh ‘jinx’ Rajpopat Wins Mega Suits on Adda52

India’s largest poker site – Adda52 launched its Mega Suits over 5 months back. Since then, the mega tourney has come a long way. The first edition in October 2017 was a grand success with 709 entries and it saw an INR 10 Lac GTD prize for the winner. The success of this monthly tournament since then led to an increase in the overall prize pool – a massive INR 40 Lac GTD. This month’s Mega Suits took place on Sunday and the winner of this event was Rajesh ‘jinx’ Rajpopat from Mumbai.

The tournament had a normal buy-in of INR 5,500 and Rajpopat overcame a massive field of 798 entries to win the coveted title for INR 10 Lac. After several hours of fierce battles, Rajpopat and ‘felter’ reached heads-up and the latter had to settle for the runner-up prize of INR 6,20,000. The event saw a total of 54 places being paid out, with the minimum cash prize being INR 12,000.

The last hand of the tournament came with blinds running 80,000-160,000 when the player ‘felter’ went all-in with 6s-6h and ‘jinx’ called with Ah-5h. The board ran out 8c-3h-Qs-4d-As. The river gave a top pair with Aces to ‘jinx’ to take down the pot and the title, which earned him a hefty INR 10 Lac.

A businessman from Mumbai, Rajpopat is not a newbie to the game of poker and has been playing it for several years now. He is well-known in India’s poker circuit and has bagged several big scores on the virtual as well as the live felts. His victory was not an easy one, as he faced a very tough final table in this event, which included the likes of the popular poker players- ‘felter’, Deepak ‘bothras’ Bothra, Siddharth ‘skaria1’ Karia, and the crazy leaderboard-I winner- Shravan ‘sweatmyass13’ Chhabria.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 jinx 1000000
2 felter 620000
3 sdjcvls 450000
4 1diot 350000
5 bothras 260000
6 skaria1 190000
7 Id_ban 124000
8 sweatmyass13 100000
9 pri22123 78000