Eric Danis Announced President of Global Poker Index

Eric Danis has been announced president of the Global Poker Index (GPI) and the Hendon Mob Poker Database, the world’s leading resources on the internet for live poker tournament results.

Danis’ tenure with the Global Poker Index’s parent company, Mediarex is several years old. He has held many responsible positions. He has served as the Head of Poker Content for GPI in 2013 and as the top statistician of the company. In one of his ever-ambitious projects, Danis played a key role in the Global Poker League, where he also served as the commentator in the match broadcasts.

Danis’ appointment has been largely anticipated within the organization as he helped both GPI and the Hendon Mob become the global powerhouses. In February this year, Danis played a pivotal role in organizing the American Poker Awards 2018 and eventually won the Jury Prize. His prize acceptance speech that night was regarded as one of the most heart-touching moments.

During his acceptance speech, Danis also spoke about his fight with testicular cancer, from which he recovered quickly. He told the audience how his doctor reported success rate of 80 to 85 percent, to which he replied on a very humorous note that 15 to 20 percent odds are pretty high in his game.

“Eric has been instrumental in building the GPI and THM to the global powerhouses that they are today,” said Alexandre Dreyfus, Mediarex’s CEO. “I’m delighted that he will now lead operations, ensuring that both GPI and THM continue to be a recognized authority in the world of poker.”

“I’m really excited to start a new chapter in my poker career, continuing to work on exciting projects with an amazing team. Our vision will continue to focus on being the reference for live tournament poker while providing entertainment to all poker fans,” said Danis.

Danis further added that he would continue working on more exciting projects, solely emphasizing on being the ultimate point of reference for live tournament poker and providing entertainment to the poker fans. His future plans include expanding their hold as the reference for live tournament poker statistics along with making a bigger impact on their social media presence. He recounted his promise to work towards hosting more Awards and Special events and inform and entertain the global pool of poker players, poker fans, industry leaders and media members.