Adda52 & Deltin Group Give New Hope To The Poker Scene in India

The mind sport – poker is fast-catching the nerves of Indians and it is evident from the consistently increasing number of poker players in the country. While it is still a male-dominated game, women are also moving into the game. Given the increasing turn-out of poker players at India’s prestigious tournaments such as Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT), the future looks bright for Indian poker.

Adding to the delight, Adda52 and Deltin Group are closely working towards promoting and growing the game of poker. They are aiming to establish structures in Sikkim and hopefully in Nepal and the tournaments in these locations are now going to be on a larger scale with life-changing prizemoney.

According to Anuj Gupta, CEO and Founder of Adda52, how good you are at poker depends on how much time and efforts you’re putting into the game. Gupta believes that poker needs a lot of discipline and you need to take coaching classes, watch videos and keep adjusting your game.

Gupta feels that the next 2-5 years are going to change India’s poker landscape as the number of Indians playing poker is going to go up drastically. He feels the taboo associated with the game of poker is rapidly going away and people are eventually accepting it as a mind sport.

“There are a few such parents even now, who are proud to see their children play poker and perform well, and the list is growing. In the next year or two, you’ll hopefully see us operating out of multiple destinations. We already do PSL qualifiers in multiple cities.”

“These large tournaments require the infrastructure that our group company has right now in Goa, and Deltin is attracting cool people with the global outlook, who don’t possess preconceived notions, and aren’t afraid to break barriers.” Gupta added.

Universe Boss!! Chris Gayle Playing and Promoting Poker in Goa

That is true! While everybody else was busy focusing on the IPL Matches, the hard-hitting batsman Chris Gayle of Kings XI Punjab was making most of his break in Goa. He was seen enjoying poker in Goa during the recently-concluded DPT Colossus Series, powered by Adda52.

Gayle was not alone, he was accompanied by Bollywood actress Minissha Lamba, Adda52 Co-Founder Anuj Gupta, Deltin Royale Business Head Manish J Adnani, Punjab Bluffer’s Mentor Abhishek Goindi and Swedish pro Sofia Lovgren, who came to participate in DPT Colossus in Goa.

In fact, Chris Gayle also took part in a special poker tournament at Deltin Royale in Goa where the southpaw locked horns with the Bollywood actress and Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba.


Apart from Gayle storm, there was the Swedish poker pro Sofia Lovgren, who has been a poker pro since the age of 20.  She came to take part in the DPT Colossus.  At 26 now, she travels to various parts of the world to play her favourite game of poker. However, it was her first visit to Goa.

“It’s my first time in India and I totally love Goa. I think I’ll definitely want to come back to Goa to play.”


Taking a well-deserved break from IPL 2018,  the 38-year old Gayle was seen having a lot of fun in Goa. He was seen chilling out in the official party and unveiling his famous ‘Gangnam Style’ moves.