Shun Yan Feng Leads Day 1A of OPC 2018 Main Event

The Day 1A of the Oriental Poker Championship (OPC) 2018 Main Event is done and dusted. A total of 142 players came in for the first flight, and by the day end, the field halved down to 66 survivors.

Among the survivors, it was Shun Yan Feng who emerged as the chip lead. Winning some big pots later in the day, Feng ended up with 186,300. He faced some strong fight from Yang Zhang, who doubled-up by winning a huge pot where his ace-king beat Qi Luo’s pocket kings. At one time, Zhang seemed to lead the day, but he ended up with 146,600 – a good one for second place in chips.

Among the other prominent contenders, Li Cheng Bei bagged up and ended up 3rd in chips with 133,000. Yongbin Wang – an early chip leader of the day, ended with 132,300. Others who ended the day in style included Shu Zhang with 116,600 in chips and Andy Chan with 104,200 chips.

Other notable players of the day included  Ning Sun (84,300), Phanlert Sukonthachartnant (84,200), Dong Guo (68,600), Sam Cheong (52,000) and Dzmitry Rabotkin (14,500).

Among those who couldn’t make it through were  Joshua Zimmerman, Shiqiang Lin, Hongjun Zhao, and Zhao Yanchao, but they still have a chance, as this event has unlimited entries. All 66 survivors will return on Saturday at 1 p.m, but all eyes are now set on Day1B, which is currently underway.