Heads-Up With Crazy Leaderboard V Topper – Mayank Kapoor

The Adda52’s 15 Lac Crazy Leaderboard – V running from 3rd May to 1st June has concluded with the Delhite Mayank Kapoor topping it. The May edition of the leaderboard had several well-known poker faces in the race, but it was Mayank who topped it to win INR 7.5 Lac prizemoney. The last tournament of the leaderboard was 20 Lac GTD Godfather 3.0 where it was Suryansh Agarwal aka ‘fish12345’ who won the event for an impressive INR 5,20,000 after beating ‘magicman1710’.

A computer engineer working in IT Industry, Mayank Kapoor is an emerging poker player from Delhi who prefers playing online. He picked up poker about 5 years ago and got introduced to India’s largest poker site – adda52.com where he started with cash games. Of late, he shifted his focus to MTTs and his journey has been incredible so far. Last month has been amazing for him. He played his A-game and performed consistently, winning Sunday Suits once, finishing runner-up in Godfather 3.0 and The Whale -6 Max and making it to the final table in Adda52 Millions. That is not all, he also notched up several notable scores across The Roar, Judwaa & Hitman.

The 34-year-old Delhite took the lead on the leaderboard in the 2nd last week of May 2018 and maintained it till the end. He boomed like a boss and eventually went on to top the Crazy Leaderboard -V . We caught up with Mayank and here are the excerpts of the chat:

OPN: How does it feel to top the crazy leaderboard V on Adda52?

Mayank: I feel really excited and it gives me a sense of pride to share my name as a leaderboard winner along with the well-known pros like Tarun Goyal, Danish Shaikh, etc. I had a good run in May month with some deep finishes in The Whale, Godfather and Adda52 Millions. Also, I shipped Sunday Suits once. With every tourney, I learned something new about poker and all through it was an amazing experience. Absolutely spellbound. Thanks to Adda52 team for this amazing promotion!

 OPN: Please share your journey of winning the crazy leaderboard V?

 Mayank: I never really thought about the leaderboard until one day my wife told that I was third on the leaderboard and then ‘Oshoswami’ also pinged me and said that I should go for the leaderboard. That was when I started tracking my progress. And on one Sunday, I shipped Sunday Suits and final-tabled Adda52 Millions. Next day, I was on top with a good lead and I thought ‘yeah it was possible’.

OPN: Who do you think were the strongest competitors on the leaderboard?

 Mayank: The strongest competitor was ‘Vinayb by far. His consistency always kept me on my toes. In the last week, I was thinking that he might take me over. He final-tabled Judwaa tourneys on both days and if he had shipped them this leaderboard was his. ‘Aggtarun’ was on my toes too all the times. Both are great players and it was very tough maintaining the lead.

OPN: How much time do you devote to the game of poker?

Mayank: I didn’t play online tourneys much earlier. Now I try to play all the Adda52 marquee events on all the days. So, I give about 4-5 hours a day depending on how good or deep I run.

OPN: What are your favourite tourneys on Adda52 and why?

Mayank: My favourite tourneys have to be the six-max – The Whale and Adda52 Millions. They are exciting and have tough fields. Godfather is really a great-value with the huge prize pool.

OPN: What are your interests and hobbies, apart from poker?

 Mayank: Apart from poker, I like travelling, going for movies and playing some sports. I like reading too, but it has given way to the game of poker for now.

OPN: Finally, what is one poker dream you would like to achieve this year?

Mayank: For this year, the poker dream would be to become a winning poker player and achieve a good level of consistency. Maybe, I would ship the leaderboard again. I don’t want to think too far ahead for now. Small steps?