APT Vietnam ME: Devesh Thapar Finishes 13th For VND 115.41 Million (INR 3.40 Lac), Tzu Chieh Lo Leads Final 8

The APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Main Event VND 6 Billion GTD Championship had come down to the final 8 players a few hours ago. The prestigious event drew a total of 499 players and generated VND 9.68 Billion (INR 2.87 Crores) in the prize pool. From Team India, several players were seen in action, including Devesh Thapar, Sumit Sapra, and Ravi Priya. Only Devesh Thapar (547,000) could make it to Day 3 of the event with the third largest stack among the remaining 53 players. Thapar returned for Day 3 play with his dream for the title and the top prize of VND 1.63 Billion (INR 48.40 Lac), but unfortunately, his run ended in 13th place for VND 115,410,000 (INR 3.40 Lac).

Thapar`s elimination hand saw him moving all-in with Q-J vs. A-A and his opponent hit a set on the ace-high board, ending Thapar’s dream run for the top prize VND 1.63 Billion (INR 48.40 Lac).

Talking about his journey in the event, Thapar said, “It was the APT main event with around 3 crore prize pool and 500 runners for the race to the trophy. I grinded for 3 days and went crushing the Day 1C and I was top 10 in stacks. And then came Day 2. 300 players, 84 were ITMs, and 8 levels of one hour each.

Talking about his Day 3 run, he said “And eventually I came out as 3rd in chips. 54 players resumed day 3. I grinded for 7 hours and finished 13th. I had a big stack but things really didn’t go my way later,”

Throwing light on his overall experience of playing poker in Vietnam, Thapar said, “I’ll just like to say that  it was a good experience and I learned a lot and wish to do much better next time.”

Sumit Sapra and Ravi Priya, who had entered the event on Day 1B, busted short of the money.

The action on Day 3 of the APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Main Event was fast-paced. The eliminations came very quickly. Among the players falling close to the final table of the event were Nguyen Hoanh Trang (9th for 184,850,000), Choong Kian Weng (10th for VND 157,990,000), Nguyen Thanh Nha (11th for VND 135,030,000), Oeyestein W.B. Nordii (12th for VND 135,030,000), Devesh Thaper ( 13th for VND 115,410,000), Johannes Felix Hoeld (14th for VND 115,410,000), Nguyen Trung Hieu (16th for VND 98,640,000), and Nguyen Tien Son Putin (17th for VND 98,640,000).

A few hours ago, the tournament had come down to the final table with Tzu Chieh Lo in lead. Following him was Dang Xuan Canh with 2,490,000 in chips. Here are the final table chip counts:

  1. Tzu Chieh Lo – 2,810,000
  2. Dang Xuan Canh – 2,490,000
  3. Hai Chuot – 1,675,000
  4. Vu Duc Trung – 1,665,000
  5. Lien Kang Feng – 1,195,000
  6. Minh Le – 1,150,000
  7. Tran Duc Phuong – 1,145,000
  8. Le Duc Anh – 320,000