Awnish Singh Outlasts 457 Entries To Win DPT July Main Event for INR 35.04 Lac

The DPT July 2018 edition hosted from 26th to 29th July at India’s luxurious casino – Deltin Royale kicked off in a thundering fashion with its opening event – 15K Deep Dive NLH attracting a huge turnout of 326 entries. However, the biggest highlight was its INR I Crore GTD Main Event at INR 35K buy-in, which went on to become a grand success with a record field of 457 entries. The main event wrapped up just last night with Awnish Singh winning the coveted title for a massive INR 35,04,000.

Singh started his final table journey fourth in chips with a stack of 905,000 and was far behind the chip leaders Ankur Sehgal ( 29,10,000), Sailesh Lohia ( 24,55,000) and Vidur Singhal (17,45,000). During the initial stage of final table play, he was a little passive but he became very aggressive as the play progressed. Moving into heads-up, he started the play trailing Vidur Singhal but took the lead to make his way to the victory beating Vidur in heads-up and winning his first-ever DPT title.

It was a long heads-up where Awnish Singh started with 4.4 million in chips compared to Singhal’s 7.6 million. Singh though short, he didn’t give up. Soon, he took the lead by winning a big pot with Ks 4c from Singhal who was forced to fold his 5c-3c on the river after a huge bet from Singh.

For the next few hands, Singh continued his domination by applying pressure on Singhal. However, things changed for Singh just a few hands later. Singhal got a big double up to reclaim the lead. Singhal opened to 500,000 with Ac 8h and Singh called with 8d 7d. The flop came 9h 3h 9c where Singh checked, Singhal bet 500,000 and Singh moved all-in for 6.9 Million. After tanking for a while, Singhal eventually decided to call. The turn came 10d, which gave Singh a little hope with a straight draw but the river card Kd sealed the pot for Singhal who bounced back reclaiming the lead.

The swingy heads-up continued as Singh shoved for 3.7 million with Ks 9c and Singhal called with his pocket queens. Singh clipped a King on the board and eventually reclaimed the chip lead.

On the final hand, Singh raised to 700,000 with Qs 4h and Singhal called with Kc 5c. The flop opened Kh 3d 7h and it was checked around. On the turn 5h, Singhal bet 950,000, Singh moved all-in and Singhal called. The river 3h was brutal for Singhal as it gave one-card flush to Singh to win the title.

Post his win, Singh “It’s my first tournament win, it’s really good and I ran super lucky. He (Singhal) should have won but I was very lucky.”

A total of top 49 players were paid out in this event with a min-cash of INR 70,000. Some notable players who ran deep and finished in the money in this tournament included Manish Lakhotia (11th for INR 2,35,000), Alvi Ahmad (12th for INR 2,25,000), Neel Joshi (15th for INR 1,80,000), YJ Kim (16th for INR 1,48,000), Gaurav Gupta (17th for INR 1,48,000), the chip leader of Day 1A Ankit Kapoor (20th for INR 1,32,000), Deepak Singh (21st for INR 1,32,000), and the DPT April 2018 Colossus Super High Roller winner Sriharsha Doddapaneni (30th for INR 94,000), Vikram Kumar (35th for INR 86,000), Mayank Agarwal (41st for INR 78,000), Rajeev Kanjani (42nd for INR 78,000) and the WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant who finished 47th for INR 70,000.

Final Table Results (INR):

  1. Awnish Singh – INR 35,04,000
  1. Vidur Singhal – INR 22,74,000
  1. Bhuvan Bansal – INR 14,60,000
  1. Sailesh Lohia – INR 11,28,000
  1. Ankur Sehgal – INR 8,66,000
  1. Rugal Advani – INR 6,88,000
  1. Gautam Raju – INR 5,46,000
  1. Mukunda Dasharath – INR 4,31,000
  1. Raunak Modi – INR 3,45,000

The DPT July 2018 edition featured a total of four events with three events already finding winners in the likes of Jasven Saigal winning the opening event – 15K Deep Dive NLH for INR 10.77 Lac, Eka Vedantham taking down 65K High Roller for INR 27.15 Lac and Abhishek Tibrewal winning 15K NLH Bounty for a cool INR 3.48 Lac. We congratulate all the winners and wish them good luck ahead!