‘I feel pretty privileged to run so well for a whole month’: Crazy Leaderboard VI Winner Akshay Nasa

The Adda52’s 15 Lac Crazy Leaderboard – VI running from 3rd June – 30th June and featuring a hefty INR 15 Lac prize pool concluded on Saturday night last week. While there were several players in the race for the title, it was India’s rising poker star – Akshay Nasa aka ‘vibaks’, who eventually topped the leaderboard for an impressive 7.5 Lac in the prize money. This month too, there seems to be no stopping for Nasa as he also won Adda52 Millions last night and pocketed INR 7.5 Lac after beating a strong field of 209 entries, which crushed the guarantee and created a prize pool of INR 20,90,000.

Talking about his grand victory in the Adda52 Millions tourney, Nasa said, “It feels good to have finally won this tourney. Adda52 Millions is one of the best-structured poker tournaments you can play on an Indian site on a Sunday. The field in this event was normal, like any other Sunday.”

Akshay Nasa has earned a name for himself in a very short span of time within the Indian poker community. Nasa’s online poker journey on Adda52.com started in 2013 and since then he has come a long way, winning several prestigious online tourneys. Nasa has been grinding the Crazy Leaderboard since the day it kicked off on adda52.com. However, this month he played his A-game and eventually took it down. While he ran well all through June 2018, Sunday AF was the day when he jumped up a few places on the leaderboard. Actually, he won a tournament that day and ran deep in a couple of other tourneys, which made him chase the leaderboard fiercely in the next few days.

We caught up with the young gun Akshay Nasa via an online chat and here are the excerpts:

 OPN – A big congratulation on the win! Tell us a little about your online run in 2018

Nasa – Thanks a lot! 2018 has been swingy so far to say. Nothing special just regular MTT life.

OPN – You have topped the 15 Lac Crazy Leaderboard – VI. How does it feel to you?

Nasa – It feels awesome to finally get lucky 6th time. Have been grinding the crazy TLBs since the day it started and I feel pretty privileged to run so well for a whole month that I took it down eventually.

 OPN – Please share a few highlights in your journey of winning the leaderboard.

Nasa – Don’t remember exactly as it has been a month-long grind. It was the Sunday AF day when I jumped up a few places on the leaderboard. I won a tournament that day and ran deep in a couple of others, which made me chase the leaderboard fiercely in the next few days.

OPN – Who do you think were your strongest competitors for the leaderboard?

Nasa – ‘Arjan30’ gave me a tough fight. We were neck-to-neck with like 4-5 tourneys left and I just ran pure the next few days to take the lead. Kudos to him for his performance.

OPN – Your future goals in live and online poker? How about your plans for DPT July 2018?

Nasa – The goal is to win as much as possible and keep working hard on the game. I have completed my college a couple of months back, so I am looking forward to playing more live MTTs than I could do before. Looking forward to playing DPT ME and HR July 2018.

For Nasa, it was not an easy road as the leaderboard had some strong players who have earned a name for themselves both at the online and live felts. He faced a tough competition from the online grinder Tarun ‘aggtarun’ Goyal and Arjanveer Chadha aka ‘Arjan30’. Both players fought it hard and legged behind with just a few points. The player ‘aggtarun’ ended up with 897 LB points claiming 2,00000 (IB) for his runner-up finish, while ‘Arjan30’ managed ‘880’ LB points for his 2nd runner-up finish earning 1,50,000 (IB) in the prize money. Abhishek Garg who was among the top 3 players in the first week of the leaderboard ended up finishing 4th on the leaderboard with 799 LB points.

Here is a quick look at the top 10 finishers on the Crazy Leaderboard – VI:

June LBD Winners