Sahil Chutani And Abhishek Garg Emerge Biggest Winners In Adda52’s Sunday AF

This past Sunday was a big one for online grinders in India as the 3rd edition of Sunday AF took place and brought some thrilling poker moments and action. Like the two previous editions, this edition of Sunday AF on also featured 6 super-value tourneys – 555 Punch with 5,55555 GTD prize pool at 2 PM, 10 Lac GTD Juice at 4 PM, 30 Lac GTD Mega Suits at 6 PM, 20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions at 8 PM, 5 Lac GTD Sunday Masters at 9 PM, and 1 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown at 11PM.

 While many players fared well across Sunday AF tourneys on, headlining the action was Sahil Chutani aka ‘bluffme19’, who took down Sunday’s biggest event – Mega Suits for a hefty INR 10 Lac. Another big newsmaker was Abhishek Garg aka ‘thegrinder’, who won the Adda52 Millions for INR 7.5 Lac. Here is a quick look at the biggest winners of Sunday AF tourneys on 8th July, Sunday:

 555 Punch With 555555 GTD

 The 555 buy-in Punch kicking off at 2 PM guaranteed an impressive INR 5,55555 the prize pool at just INR 555 buy-in and drew an impressive field with 769 entries in total. Outlasting the field this time was Vishrut Sharma aka ‘Vishrutsharma’ who beat Raghunandan Singh aka ‘9raghu’ in heads-up to win the event for INR 1,38,889. The top 82 players were paid out in this tourney with a min-cash of INR 12,22.

 The Juice With 10 Lac GTD 

The next online poker tournament in Sunday AF was ‘The 10 Lac GTD Juice at just INR 999 buy-in. This time, the event drew a total of 833 entries and outlasting these entries was Varun ‘VnutsG’ Gupta, who beat ‘vijayair01’ in heads-up to win INR 2,45,000 in top prize. The runner-up ‘vijayair01settled for INR 1,34,000. A total of 92 players were paid out in this tournament with a min-cash of INR 2000.

30 Lac GTD Mega Suits

The biggest event on Sunday was the 30 Lac GTD Mega Suits, which drew strong field with a total of 522 entries. The event had hefty INR 10 Lac for 1st place finisher and hence it attracted a good number of several pros, regulars, and the past winners. After several hours of fierce battles, it was the well-known Sahil Chutani aka ‘bluffme19’ who emerged victorious winning INR 10 Lac for his superb show.

On the last hand of the tournament, bluffme19’ had Kd Jc, while ‘vipervenom’ held Jh 8s. The board ran out 3d 9d Js 5d Qc and the player ‘bluffme19’ took down the event with a pair of Jacks.

Post his win, Chutani said, “I’m more of a cash game grinder, so it was nice to win a Sunday tourney’”.

Final Table Payouts:

1 bluffme19 900000
2 vipervenom 450000
3 SIDDHU24 300000
4 ragesh91 255000
5 ksn123 195000
6 prabhu84 135000
7 binitsaraf 97500
8 jinx 75000

20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions

The second biggest event of Sunday AF was 20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions, a six-max tourney that drew a total of 188 entries with several pros, regulars and the past champions battling it out for the first place prize of INR 7.5 Lac. Coming on top this time around was Abhishek Garg aka ‘thegrinder’ who defeated the young gun Akshay Nasa aka ‘vibaks’ who pocketed INR 3,80,000 for his runner-up finish.

 On the last hand, ‘thegrinder’ holding Ks Qc raised to 125000 and ‘vibaks’ moved all-in with Ad Jh. The board ran out 10s 10h 2s Qd 7c, which ‘vibaks’ missed out and thegrinder’ hit 2 pairs with 10 and Queen to take down the pot and event.  

Final Table Payouts:

1 thegrinder 600000
2 vibaks 380000
3 King0fMerge 265000
4 APB1989 210000
5 vinayb 150000
6 duksh92 110000

5 Lac GTD Sunday Masters

 The second last event of Sunday night was Sunday Masters at 9 PM, a 5 Lac GTD tourney at INR 3500 buy-in that attracted a total of 145 entries and easily crushed the specified guarantee. The eventual winner of this event was Akshay Nasa aka ‘vibaks’ who finished runner-up in Adda52 Millions on the same day. Nasa defeated the online player ‘balls86’ in heads-up to win an impressive INR 1,45,000 in the top prize money. A total of 11 paces were paid out in this tournament with a min-cash remaining INR 10,000.

1 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown

 The last event of Sunday night was 1 Lac GTD Sunday Showdown. The event wrapped up successfully with 149 entries, which took the prize pool to INR 1,35,592. Coming on top in this event was Rajesh Suneja aka rajeshsuneja, who pocketed INR 38,304 after beating his heads-up opponent selffishwho won INR 25,084 for his efforts.