‘Almost cashed 10 Lac in the past 20 days, which is not bad at all’: Sunday Suits Winner Arjunn Agrawal

This past Sunday saw several online poker events taking place on adda52.com. One of the key tourneys was Sunday Suits, which went on to become a grand success attracting 384 entries, which took the total prize pool to INR 11,52,000. The lion’s share of the prizepool went to Arjunn Agrawal aka ‘arjunagrawal05’ who outlasted the strong field to win the event for INR 2,99,520.

Arjunn, who earlier used to run live games in Delhi, is primarily a tournament player now and is focusing on tournaments only. His run on adda52.com this month has been amazing. He ran so well, notching up several scores and earning almost 10 Lac in cash in just past 20 days. He started off well by finishing 2nd in Godfather and then winning The Whale in the first week of the month. However, his biggest score came from Godfather where he earned INR 3.92 Lac for his 2nd place finish.

Hailing from Delhi, Arjunn seems to be quite happy as the player has notched up several notable scores this month on adda52.com, earning around 10 Lac in cash in the past twenty days.

We caught-up with Arjunn Agrawal via an online chat and here are the excerpts of the interview:

OPN: A big congratulation on the win! Please tell us a little about your run on adda52.com this month?

 Arjunn: Adda52 has always been special but this is the first time I have run so well. I have almost cashed out INR 10 Lac in the past 20 days on adda52.com, which is not bad at all! I have been playing live cash games for the past 4-5 year, so I have a good practical knowledge of the game.

 OPN: How does it feel to ship Sunday Suits? Was it your biggest win this month?

Arjunn: It feels great to win this tourney. This is not my biggest score as I shipped The Whale and came 2nd in Godfather for 3.92 Lac in the first week of this month. Godfather has been my biggest win.

OPN: How tough was the field and how was your overall experience in this tourney?

Arjunn: Well, it wasn’t easy to reach the final table in this tourney. I was just left with 2.5 BB. When 15 people were left, I was 15/15. From there, I started running well. I shoved 99 with 26k stack and got called off by 88. From there, I survived to reach the FT and finally shipped it. When last 4 players were left, I had three to one chip lead. Overall, my experience was fantastic.

 OPN: Who were your strongest competitors on the final table? Any special hand from FT?

Arjunn: The final table was tough. My toughest opponent on the FT were some regulars in ‘Felter’, ‘gmtesting’ and ‘bothras’. So far special hand in this tourney, I don’t really recall any such hand.

OPN: You faced ‘rj147’ in heads-up. Can you describe your heads-up game play?

Arjunn: The heads up didn’t last long. I had a massive chip lead with around 5:1 advantage when we entered HU. Reaching top 4 was tough. After that, it wasn’t that tough as I had massive chip lead.

OPN: How much time do you give to poker? And what are your plans in live & online poker?

 Arjunn: I give minimum 6-7 hours 5 days a week. This is all I do. I used to run live games earlier in Delhi but now I am just focusing on online tournaments. I am really looking forward to playing some live poker tournaments. I haven’t played internationally anywhere, but have been to Goa for DPT.

 OPN: Finally, what is your one poker dream you would like to achieve in 2018?

Arjunn: 7-figure score! Looking to ship something big and get to play internationally.