Chandan Arora Aka ‘darkfish15’ And ‘King0fMerge’ Chop Adda52 Millions

Consistency is something every player is trying to maintain. Being consistent and in the zone is why the good players end up being profitable in the long run. One of the most consistent regs at the online felts is Chandan Arora aka ‘darkfish15’, who has been putting up great efforts and it is all showing up in his results. The player has been in amazing form. He came 3rd in the last Godfather. Last 3 times, he finished 4th in Adda52 Millions and last night he went on to win the big-value event.

The INR 11K buy-in Adda52 Millions featuring 20 Lac GTD prize pool is a part of the daily featured tournaments on To make things more interesting for players, the poker site also offers 50% TDS refund for all ITM players in this event. So, it is a great value for players looking to win big on Sundays. A total of 206 entries in last night’s Adda52 Millions took the prize pool to a massive INR 20,60,000. The top 18 players were paid out in this tournament with a min-cash of INR 20,600.

It was not an easy win for Chandan Arora as the final table of the tournament was very tough and included some tough players like ‘King0fMerge’, ‘arjan30’, ‘ragesh9’1, and ‘kvohra’ to name a few. The player ‘arjan30’ who started the final table as the chip lead was playing very aggressively. Winning a crucial flip against him gave Chandan confidence that eventually took him to the heads-battle with his coach Danish Shaikh aka ‘King0fMerge’ where they decided to go for a deal.

In heads-up, both ‘darkfish15’ and ‘King0fMerge’ made a deal and then they just went all-in every hand. In the end, it was ‘darkfish15’ who won the event. When these players made the deal, their stacks were in 3:2 ratio. The total prize pool was INR 10.8. The runner-up ‘King0fMerge’ ended up winning more with INR 5.8 in prize, while the winner ‘darkfish15’ pocketed INR 5 Lac for his win.

On the final hand, the winner ‘darkfish15’ had Js Ac, while  ‘King0fMerge’ held Qh 6h. The board ran out  Jh 5c 3c 2s 9h where ‘darkfish15’ took down both the pot as well as the event.

Post his win, we caught up with the eventual winner and he said, “This is my favourite tournament for a long time. I mean, it’s pretty deep till the end and favours the hard-working players.”

“Run has also been good. I came 3rd in the last Godfather. Also, it was my 4th final table in Adda52 Millions. Last 3 times, I came 4th. So, this one is definitely special.”, he added.

Talking about his tournament journey, he said, “Last 3 tables were pretty tough with some sick players all around but I kept my cool. In the end, Danish and I chopped it up off the table. He is my coach as well. In short, I am super happy with the title”

Adda52 Millions drew many well-known pros, regs and the past champions. Some notables who finished in the money included ‘anishpatra’ (8th place for INR 6,1800), ‘thegrinder’ (10th place for INR 30,900), ‘KunalPatni’ (13th place for INR 25.750) and ‘sweatmyass13’ (18th place for INR 20,600).

Final Table Payouts (INR):

1 darkfish15 618000
2 King0fMerge 329600
3 arjan30 247200
4 ragesh91 185400
5 sankalptaparia 149350
6 kvohra 113300