Apratim Sharma Wins Mega Suits To Claim His Biggest Score

Apratim Sharma emerged victorious in the 30 Lac GTD Mega Suits on adda52.com last night. Sharma, who plays under ‘checmate’, outlasted 571 entries to take down the first place prize of INR 7,95,000.

Hailing from Bengaluru, the young player Sharma has been faring well across Adda52 tourneys. Recently, he has made a couple of ITM finishes in Godfather, plus one ITM finish in Gayle Storm. He had also participated in the last edition of Mega Suits and managed to finish 13th for over INR 37k in prize.

Coming back to Mega Suits, this mega online tournament on adda52.com featuring a buy-in of INR 5,500 gave payouts to the top 34 places with a min-cash of INR 15K. Sharma defeated Vaibhav Temani aka ‘vane_shado’ , who collected an impressive INR 4,57,500 for his runner-up finish in this tournament.

The last hand of the tournament came with blinds running 60000-120000-10000. The eventual winner ‘checmate’ had Ac 2s, while his mate ‘vane_shado’ held Ad 8h. The board ran out 2d 2c 6s 5s 5c where ‘checmate’ made a full house to eventually take down the coveted pot as well as the tournament.

It was also a good tournament for Singhvi, who won last night’s Adda52 Millions, as the player finished 4th in this tournament for INR 2,50,500. Some other notables who finished in the money included the likes of Deepak Raina aka orionn7 (3rd place for INR 3,30,000), Zurvan Tumboli aka SavitaBhabhi13 (7th for INR 90k), Abhishek Goindi (17th for INR 30K), and Aditya Sushant (28th for INR 18K) to name a few. The last night’s Chip-Up series ME winner – Arjun Agrawal aka ‘arjunagrawal05’ finished 15th for INR 33K.

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For Sharma, this win is the biggest score on adda52.com, so it is a huge boost to his bankroll. Talking about his victory in this tournament, Sharma said, “It feels great to win this tourney. It was a fun experience. This was one of the bigger prize pooled tourneys on Adda52, so it’s quite good that I won it.”

Talking about the field and his journey in this tournament, the winner Sharma said, “Field was quite soft in my opinion. I played quite aggressive at the start and was able to build a big chip stack. Then, I played solid once I had big stack to reach to the final table. I made the final table 7th out of 8 in chips. Then, I got doubled up in a cooler situation to become a mid stack. Later, one important hand happened, where I got rewarded by chip leader’s aggression. I limped qq from utg, chip leader on the bb raised, I wanted to disguise my hand and just called. Flop was 843cc and he 3x pot jammed on the flop with nothing jd9d, and I called ?. This gave me a chip lead, and then I held on to it to take down this tourney.”

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