Chennai Pro Aditya Sushant Claims His 2nd BLT Main Event Title For INR 8.85 Lac

Today saw the culmination of Baadshah Gaming Live Tournament (BLT3) 35K Main Event where it was Chennai Pro Aditya Sushant who claimed the coveted title after outlasting a strong 94-entry field. Sushant took home lion’s share of INR 32,90,000 prize pool with INR 8.85 Lac for his win.

Sushant, who holds the distinction of being the first Indian player to win WSOP bracelet, beat Guneet Singh Kwatra in headsup battle. Kwatra claimed INR 7.15 Lac for his runner-up finish. With this win, Sushant became the first player to claim two Main Event titles at Baadshah Live Tournament Series. The player also won this same title at the inaugural BLT series. It was a good series for Sushant, who started off well in the series, finishing 6th in the very opening event – 15K Kickofff (Bounty) Event.

It was not an easy victory for Sushant as the player had to face a tough the final table, which included the likes of Shuchi Chamaria (4th for INR 3.25 Lac), BLT3 15K Bounty winner Ashish Munot (5th for INR 2.75 Lac), Devesh Thapar (6th for INR 2.15 Lac) and Kartik Ved (9th for INR 90k).

It was Guneet Kwatra who began final table as the chip leader with 644,000. Following him was poker lady Shuchi Chamaria (416,000). The eventual winner Sushant was 3rd with 387,000 chips. Although Tathagata Sengupta began as the shortest stack, he played some top-notch poker and finished 2nd runner-up in the tournament, taking home an impressive INR 4,25,000 for his efforts.

The most consistent player was Ashish Munot who made 3 consecutive final table finishes in the series. Gunning hard for his 2nd title, he ended up finishing 5th in this event. Munot shoved with Ad Qs and was called by Sengupta who hit a full house on the board running 7d 3d 3s Ah 9s.

The next elimination came in Shuchi Chamaria who raised to 32,000 and was called by Kwatra. The flop opened 6h 8h 4s and Chamaria led out for 40k, holding pocket Nines and Kwatra shoved all-in. Chamaria snap-called. The turn and river opened Ah and 3h. Kwatra hit flush to bust Chamaria in 4th place. Up next, it was Tathagata Sengupta going out in 3rd place. He was eliminated by Sushant.

The heads-up began between Aditya Sushant and Guneet Kwatra. Both players made a heads-up deal. Kwatra had a huge lead of 2:1:1 coming into 3-way play, but he lost it all to Sushant in heads-up. The final hand saw Kwatra raising to 65k pre-flop and Sushant re-raised to 210k. Kwarta called to see the flop 8h 2d Ks. Kwatra shoved with Jh Ah and Sushant called with his pocket Kings, having hit a set on the flop itself. The turn and river were Qc and 3s. Kwatra finished runner-up for INR 7.5 Lac.

Final Table Payouts (INR):

  1. Aditya Sushant – INR 8,85,000*
  2. Guneet Kwatra – INR 7,15,000*
  3. Tathagata Sengupta – INR 4,25,000
  4. Shuchi Chamaria – INR 3,25,000
  5. Ashish Munot – INR 2,75,000
  6. Devesh Thapar – INR 2,15,000
  7. Gaurav Kalra – INR 1,65,000
  8. Ronak Agarwal – INR 1,25,000
  9. Kartik Ved – INR 90,000

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