5 Quick Tips By Shravan Chhabria For Young Aspiring Poker Players

Poker is a dynamic game that requires constant learning and improvements to have an edge over your opponents and be able to crush them. Besides, it also requires you to have a balanced life and mind. If you are an aspiring poker player wanting to go further than just to learn the game, here are 5 tips and recommendations from one of India’s super talented poker pros – Shravan Chhabria:

1.Get Enough Rest & Sleep Before A Big Session

Lack of rest and sleep may hamper your energy, concentration, judgement and decision-making. Hence, it is always important to get enough rest before a big session and to hydrate yourself well.

2.Review Your Hands & Watch Poker Videos

Take time after your play to work on your leaks. Put in at least two days to do a HH review and also spend a couple of hours a day watching videos that are available. This will improve your game.

3.Don’t Fire-Up 6-7 Screens Simultaneously

Do not try or fire-up 6-7 screens simultaneously, especially if you are not used to playing more than 2-3 screens. It’s better to give your 100% to a few games than to play your B and C Game for all.

4.Bad Beats Are A Part Of Poker.. Stay Calm

Bad beats are a part of poker and are almost unavoidable. Knowing equities and studying would help you with being realistic. As they say, no bad beats no ?. So, never lose your cool if you face bad beats.

5.Understand Your Opponents At The Table

When you are playing, your full focus should be on your table, even when you are not in a hand. It is also very important to know your opponents’ tendencies and to not watch shows and FB stuff.

A Little About Chhabria’s Poker Journey 2018

Shravan Chhabria, who started playing poker about 10 years ago, is one of India’s top-rated poker players today. The Mumbai-based pro holds several big online and live scores under his belt. The player has been constantly performing well and winning tournaments on all major Indian sites.

2018 has been a memorable year for the Rajasthan Tilter’s Mentor – Chhabria. He got off to a great start by topping Adda52 Crazy Leaderboard in January and then coming 2nd in the February and July Crazy Leaderboards. That is not all, he also shipped Godfather 3 times and he recently completed his record 4th Adda52 Millions win. So, his journey has been truly inspiring for the youngsters.

So far live poker, he has won and cashed out several tournaments in India, apart from notching up notable scores across prestigious international poker tournaments, such as WPT, APT, APPT and WSOP events. His best live cash had come from the 2016 WSOP Main Event where he finished 328th for $32,130. We hope his tips would be helpful to you. Keep crushing. Good luck at the tables!

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