After Winning Whale, Ankur Sehgal Ships Adda52 Millions For INR 4,60,631

It was a super Sunday on Adda52 yesterday with its signature tournament – 20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions taking place. The INR 11K buy-in tournament that also featured 50% TDS refund for all ITMs drew a total of 164 entries. Outlasting the field this time was Ankur Sehgal aka ‘Aceleration’, who took home an impressive INR 4,60,631 for his grand victory in this 6-max poker tournament.

Sehgal reached heads-up with Anant Purohit aka ‘Pro_baba’, who recently won The Whale and cashed out in Gayle Storm 4.0 and Blaze (5th place finish) on The latter fought it well but couldn’t go all the way, eventually finishing runner-up for INR 4,19,369 as per the heads-up deal he and Sehgal had agreed to. Purohit’s runner-up finish turned out to be his best score on Adda52.

On his way to the grand victory, Sehgal beat a strong field and finally a tough final table that had the High Rollers specialist Sriharsha Doddapaneni aka ‘Ivey2’ (4th for INR 1,85,000), Pranav Bagai aka ‘macchi123’ (5th for INR 1,35,000) and Punjab Bluffer’s mentor Abhishek Goindi aka ‘pomfret1989’ (6th for INR 95,000), who had recently won the Adda52’s Chip Up Series Main Event for INR 2,50,000.

A total of 17 players were paid out with min-cashes starting from INR 30K. Some well-known regs who made money in this tournament were Nagendra Singh Tomar aka ‘gameank123’ (7th for INR 75,000), Abhinav Iyer aka ‘checkshove’ (11th for INR 40,000), and ‘kvohra’ (14th for INR 30,000).

So far Sehgal’s journey this year on Adda52, it has been impressive. It was not the first win for him this year as the player has already won The Whale 6-Max and has also made it to the final table three times in both Mega Suits as well as The Roar. Besides, he has cashed out across several other popular tournaments, including Sunday Suits, PayCheck, Godfather, Adda52 Millions, etc.

 While the winner was not able available for the comment, we caught-up with the runner-up finisher – Anant Purohit who seemed very happy about his recent performances on Adda52. Purohit said,“I started playing 2 weeks back only from Gayle Storm. I cashed Gayle Storm for 9300. Then, I played one more tourney and cashed it 5th for 40K and from that I shipped The Whale for 353k and then this.”

Expressing his feelings on his runner-up finish in Adda52 Millions, Purohit said, “Feeling great to finally have a good score on Adda52. Looking forward to play more high-value tourneys and ship some more. ?

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