Heads-Up With Gokul Raj Who Won Mega Suits To Secure His Best Online Score INR 8,61,350

Gokul Raj emerged victorious in the 30 Lac GTD Mega Suits on adda52.com this Sunday. Raj, who plays under ‘gokoolered’, outlasted 749 entries to win the first place prize of INR 8,61,350.

Living in Chennai, the young gun Raj has been faring well across Adda52 online tourneys. This win in Mega Suits gave him the biggest score on Adda52.com. His 2nd best score on the poker site came early in June this year when he took down PayCheck tournament for an impressive INR 5,25,000.

Coming back to Mega Suits, this INR 5,500 buy-in tournament on adda52.com easily crushed the specified guarantee with 749 entries, which took the prize pool to a whopping INR 37,45,023. The prizepool was shared by the top 82 finishers with min-cashes starting from INR 10,861 prizemoney.

On his way to victory, Raj beat a huge field and a tough final table that had Himanshu Arora aka ‘pirateking7’ (5th for INR 1,77,888), Kartik Ved aka ‘Pegasus1505’ (6th for INR 1,23,211), Jitendra Chordia aka ‘zxcvuiop’ (INR 93,625), this Sunday’s Adda52 Millions winner Shravan Chhabria aka ‘sweatmyass13’ (8th for INR 71,155) and Avinash Tauro aka ‘spacecadet’ (9th for INR 56,175).

The eventual winner Gokul Raj reached heads-up with Saket Kumar aka ‘saker’ who fought well but could not go all the way eventually finishing runner-up for an impressive INR 4,94340 for his efforts.

The last hand of the heads-up play came with blinds running 50000-100000 when both players moved all-in pre-flop. The player ‘gokoolered’ had Ah Jc, while ‘saker’ held Ad 7h. The board ran 8h 2d 9c 10d 3d where A-J of ‘gokoolered’ was good enough to win him the pot as well as the event.

After his grand win, we caught up with Gokul Raj and here are the excerpts of the chat with him:

OPN: A big congratulation! How does it feel to beat a huge field in this mega online tournament?

Raj: Thanks a lot! I am very happy to beat a tough and huge field and  win a flagship tourney on Adda52. Thanks to my mentor Aditya Agarwal and AceJack.

OPN: How did you build this grand victory? Any special hands or moments you want to share?

Raj: I was 3rd in chips out of 6 players left on the final table of this tournament. I won a huge pot and doubled up through Kartik Ved to take the chip lead (CL) and then I just went on to crush it.

OPN: After this big win, what are your future plans in online and live poker?

Raj: No live poker for a while. I’m just gonna to stick to my online grind and study the game hard.”

OPN: What do you do to improve your game? And how about your usual grinding schedule?

Raj: Studying and putting more volume is the key. I study in the afternoon and grind the whole evening. This is my second major win on Adda52 after PayCheck and I hope many more to come.

OPN: Finally, do you have any feedback or suggestion for Adda52 Team?

Raj: No. They (the team) are doing a good job. I can’t wait for their 8 Core GTD Series.