Isaac Haxton Takes Down 2018 Super High Roller Bowl V For $3,672,000

USA’s Isaac Haxton has outlasted 36 entries to win the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl V, earning his career-best score of $3,672,000. With this huge victory, the 33-year-old pro increased his live tournament earnings to over $23.6 million and entered the 12th place on poker’s all-time money list.

Post his win in this world famous poker tournament, Haxton said. “It’s a 36-player tournament, I was the luckiest guy in there this time and I won. I don’t think that really changes anything about the poker player that I am and my legacy or anything like that. But, damn it feels good to win a tournament.”

“I’m not that fixated on winning tournaments and collecting bracelets and titles or whatever. I just want to be a top poker player and show up to high stakes tournaments and cash games and have a big edge, put the hours in and make a lot of money; That’s how I define success in poker.” he added.

Haxton’s Journey

The $300,000 buy-in event is one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world and it comes as no surprise that the well-known pro – Haxton had overcome a tough final table to win it. The final day of this event began with 7 players. Haxton had entered it as the chip leader with 2.4 million.

Haxton scored his first elimination at the final table in Ali Imsirovic who raised to 40,000 Jh Jc. Chidwick called and Haxton 3-bet to 230,000 from the big blind with Ac 5c. Imsirovic moved all-in for his last 460,000 and Haxton called. Haxton made a flush to send Imsirovic in seventh place.

The next elimination was Igor Kurganov (sixth place) who shoved all in with pocket sevens and failed to improve against the pocket tens of Talal Shakerchi. The next to go out was Adrian Mateos who got all-in with pocket nines against A-K of Alex Foxen and was unable to win the flip. Foxen paired his king on the flop, which was good enough to knock Mateos out in fifth place.

Talal Shakerchi (fourth place) moved all-in with A-10 against Haxton’s pair of nines and could not win the hand. Haxton’s next victim was Stephen Chidwick (third place) whose Ad Qh lost to Haxton’s  Js Jd. Both players moved all-in pre-flop and Haxton’s pocket pair held up to win the hand.

Heads-Up Play

Haxton entered heads-up with 4,965,000 to Alex Foxen’s 5,840,000 in chips but he was able to gain control winning a big pot with pocket eights against Foxen’s A-J. On the final hand, Haxton moved all-in with Ks Jh and Foxen called with Ad 8d. The flop came 6c Ac Qc giving Foxen a top pair, but Kh on the turn and Js on the river gave Haxton two pairs to win the title. Foxen earned his career-best $2,160,000 for his second place finish. Here is a quick look at the final table payouts:

  1. Isaac Haxton – $3,672,000 (INR 25.79 crore)
  2. Alex Foxen – $2,160,000
  3. Stephen Chidwick – $1,512,000
  4. Talal Shakerchi – $1,188,000
  5. Adrian Mateos – $972,000
  6. Igor Kurganov – $756,000
  7. Ali Imsirovic – $540,000