Ritam Bhattacharya – From Part-Time Player To Latest Gayle Storm 4.0 Winner!

Hailing from Kolkata, Ritam Bhattacharya is the name of none other than the latest winner of Gayle Storm 4.0 who plays under ‘RitamB’ on adda52.com. The 23-year old has an amazing story to tell. He started playing part-time during school days. Back then, he used to play poker just as a means to get some extra cash. Once he left college, he was away from the game for around 4 years.

However, his hunger and love for poker did not let him stay away from the game. One fine day, he was searching for online poker in India and it was when he discovered Adda52 and started playing all key tournaments on the site. Like most of us, he started his journey with smaller tourneys early this year and got a rollicking start by winning several tournaments and cashing in several others.

After his constant success at smaller tournaments, this young lad from the ‘city of joys’ started dreaming about huge prizes. As a result, he began playing big tournaments this year and the journey has been amazing. After cashing out across several key tourneys, the player went on to pick up his best online score just this past Sunday when he defeated a huge field of 1617 entries to become the latest winner of Gayle Storm 4.0 and take home a hefty INR 7,18,166, his best online score till date.

Gayle Storm 4.0 was a ‘dream-come-true’ win for Bhattacharya as it not only gave his biggest online score but it also gave a huge boost to his bankroll. After his win in this super-value event, we caught-up with Bhattacharya, who seemed very excited after adding one more win to his poker resume.

“I started playing poker as a means to get some extra cash back in high school. I used to play high stakes NLH at underground poker tables back when it wasn’t legal in India. Once I left for college, I was totally away from the game for 4 years. I discovered Adda52 quite recently and started playing major tournaments on this site for the last 3-4 months. I have been learning the game more and more and grinding the tournaments everyday and today’s win was a sort of pay off. My experience with Adda52 has been so great, never really imagined poker to boom in India so fast but they are making it possible. Kudos to you guys!”, said the super-excited Bhattacharya after notching up his career-best score .

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