Rajeev Kanjani Is The Only Indian Making Day 3 Of PPWC Main Event

The PPPoker World Championship (PPWC) Main Event is currently underway at the Resorts World Manila. The PHP 55,000 Main Event is racing towards its conclusion with its Day 2 coming to an end.

Yesterday, 130 players had resumed Day 2, including six Indians – Abhinav Iyer (230,400), Kalyan Chakravarthy (206,200), Aditya Sushant (116,200) & Jasven Saigal (19,800) from Day 1A,  Rajeev Kanjani (82,800) from Day 1B and Rishab Jain from (48,300) from Day 1C. By the end of Day 2, only 16 players survived to make it to Day 3. From Team India, only Rajeev Kanjani could enter Day 3.

Among the remaining 16 players into Day 3, Lester Edoc (1,888,000) emerged as the chip leader. He was followed by Mike Andillo Takatama holding 1,802,000 in chips. The other big stacks included Marquez Richard Serrano ( 1,294,000), Garberg Markus (1,188,000), Foo Hsien Loong ( 1,098,000). The lone Indian making Day 3 was Rajeev Kanjani and he bagged a decent stack of 516,000.

1550594098_516k Rajeev Stack

As named above, there were 6 Indians in play for Day 2. Unfortunately for Jasven Saigal and Rishab Jain, they could not reach money line and exited before the money bubble. Both players Kalyan Chakravarthy and Abhinav Iyer were doing pretty well and had amassed huge stacks. However, they could not last longer. Chakravarthy eventually min-cashed PHP 79,500 for his 57th place, with the top 60 places finishing in the money. The next Indian to go out was the 2019 APT Vietnam Main Event champion Iyer, who hit the rail in 34th place, taking home a payout of PHP 85,300.


Iyer was running well on Day 2 and had reached over 700k in chips. However, he lost his monstrous stack after paying two costly double-ups. Eventually, he got busted when his AK  lost to AA of Mark Amparo. After Iyer, the day saw our WSOP bracelet winner Aditya Sushant exiting the tournament. He also had a huge stack but got unlucky in the end when his his Aces lost his opponent’s JQ. He hit the rail in in 17th place for a decent payout of PHP 155,200 (around INR 2.12 Lac). This score comes just few days after he won the Weekly Wednesday at the Star Poker Sydney, Australia.

Day 3 of the main event is currently underway. While each of the remaining 16 is PHP 155,200, they will be eyeing the top prize of PHP 4,850,000 (~INR 66.34 Lac). The lone player representing India is now Kanjani and we hope and pray that he fares well and wins the coveted trophy and title.

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