While You Are Stuck In Life, These Poker Players Are Minting Money Online

They say that money cannot buy happiness. To be honest, they say a lot of things but they are not always right. In the real world, there is certainly a relationship between income and happiness.

People who make more money are often happier than those who live on a meagre income. While there are several things you can do to earn money, poker is a great way to make money, specifically for the three people. They are Akshay Nasa, Shravan Chhabria and female player Smita Agarwalla.


Meet Akshay Nasa, an IIT Delhi product who was not living it up any more than you or me until recently. But life changed for him after he started playing poker and winning it big in the game.

The New Delhi lad Nasa came across poker some 5 odd years ago and he immediately fell in love with the game. After learning the game and practising it for a while, he decided to pursue his love and started playing for real money. Like most of us, he started his online poker journey with some smaller tournaments. Initially, he was converting hundreds into thousands. Later, life did a 180 on him! He began playing big tournaments and thereby converting thousands into lakhs of rupees every month. After years of his hard work, Nasa has turned into a real shark today on India’s poker scene.

While Nasa has been playing on almost all major Indian poker sites, Adda52 has been his biggest hunting ground so far. He has been earning lakhs by cashing big tournaments on the poker site. 2018 was a break-out year for him as he ended the year as the highest earner with over INR 1 crore in total online earnings coming form his dozen of wins and scores in tournaments and leaderboards.


And now say hello to Shravan Chhabria, another shark who considers Adda52 as one of the best places to play poker. He wears many hats. He is a cricketer, an actor and now a popular poker player.

Hailing from Mumbai, Chhabria was introduced to poker some 8 years ago. He quickly learned the game and fell in love with it. Poker provided a much-needed financial stability in his career. It was in 2014 that he chose to take up the game professionally and started playing live poker tournaments.

After tasting success in live tournaments, he decided to invest in online poker. The player has been in online poker industry for several years now, playing and winning tournaments on Indian poker sites. He has scooped tons of scores on Adda52. 2018 was a big year as he won many tournaments and leaderboards. His total tournament winnings on Adda52 in 2018 were estimated around 95 Lakhs.


And now meet Smita Agarwalla, a talented female poker player from Gurgaon. The lady grabbed big headlines when she won Adda52’s flagship tournament – Godfather in December 2018. She earned over INR 5 Lac prizemoney for her win. Post her big win, OPN spoke to the lady and she said, “Absolutely amazing! Adda52 godmother winning Godfather is a different feeling altogether. Winning Godfather was a personal dream. I used to always wish that Adda52 Godmother wins Godfather:)).”

Agarwalla is an avid poker player. She learned poker from her husband and immediately fell in love with the game. Today, poker is pretty much her life and she spends several hours on poker every day. She believes that poker is an excellent way of making money as long as one can stay disciplined.

Playing poker for several hours every day, Agarwalla has come a long in her online poker career with several notable scores on Adda52. She has not only won several tournaments but also has made several runner-up finishes and ITM scores. In 2019, she has her eyes on big winnings in poker.

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