Aditya Kumar Wins His First Mega Suits; Ankur Sehgal Ships His 2nd Adda52 Millions

Another action-packed Sunday is over on Adda52 and it turned out to be a big day for Aditya Kumar and Ankur Sehgal. Both are popular regs in the Indian online poker circuit and they both added a major score to their respective poker resumes. Kumar emerged victorious in the 30 Lac GT Mega Suits, while Sehgal took down the 20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions for INR 5,40,000 in top prizemoney.

30 Lakh GTD Mega Suits

 A total of 494 entries came in the last night’s Mega Suits, which had a buy-in of INR 5,500. It turned out to be a long session with the event starting at 6 pm and going on all the way till 3:02 am this morning. Out of the 494 entries, only the top 49 players made money with min-cashes starting from INR 16,500. The lion’s share went to Aditya Kumar who won the tournament for an impressive INR 7,35,000 after beating Vinayak Bajaj in heads-up. Bajaj took home INR 4,35,000 for his efforts.

The final table had some solid regs in Vivek Baskey (3rd for INR 3,00,000), Neel Joshi (6th for INR 1,05,000), ‘zombieballs’ (7th for INR 82,500) and Ramandeep Gujral (8th for INR 67,500). Some other notables who finished in the money were Abhishek Goindi (17th for INR 25,500), Anmol Mehta (21st for INR 22,500), Rajesh Singh (26th for INR 19,500), Aditya Sushant (32nd for INR 19,500), Abhinav Iyer (36th for INR 16,500), Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni (40th for INR 16,500), Siddarth Singhvi (42nd), Deepak Bothra (44th) and Shravan Chhabria (46th) and Sahil Agarwal (48th).

Aditya Kumar has been playing on Adda52 for several years and his journey has been impressive so far. He has won so many smaller online tournaments though, his notable scores on Adda52 include his win in Adda52 Millions, Tuesday Adda and Beast. Last night, he added yet another score by winning his first Mega Suits and this victory happens to be his biggest score on Adda52.

We got in touch with the eventual winner Kumar after this victory and he said, “It feels great win it. This is my 5th biggest score if you include live MTTs also but this is my biggest score on adda52”.

Sharing his journey through the Final Table, he said, “I enjoyed the FT play. Was trying to dominate when the 4 were left. Working on ICM really gave me a good edge against average players as pay jumps were quite substantial and people were making some huge ICM mistakes, which made them bust early. When I started FT, I was 6th but I was patient. Mostly playing tight is not a good idea on FT but you can make exception when other players, who have bigger stacks, are ready to bust before you”.

20 Lac GTD Adda52 Millions

This 6-Max tournament began 2-hour later in the night at 8 pm and it drew a total of 169 entries. Outlasting the field was Ankur Sehgal aka ‘Aceleration’  who won the tournament for INR 5,40,000 after defeating his heads-up mate Amit Gupta who took home INR 3,40,000 as his 2nd place prize.

On his way to the win, Sehgal beat a strong field and finally a tough FT that had Hitesh Batra (3rd for INR 2,50,000), WSOP 2018 best Indian finisher Nishant Sharma (4th for INR 1,85,000), Deepak Bothra (5th for INR 1,35,000) and 2018 WPT Vietnam ME champion Dhaval Mudgal who finished 6th for INR 95,000). A total of 17 places were paid in this tournament with a min-cash of INR 30,000. Some other notables who finished deep in the tournament were Abhshek Garg (7th for INR 75,000), Siddarth Singhvi (9th for INR 50,000) and Vinay B who exited in 10th place for INR 40,000.

As for Sehgal’s journey on Adda52, it has been rewarding one. Last night’s win in Adda52 Millions was not the first win for the player as he has already won this tournament last year. He has also shipped The Whale 6-Max tourney, apart from scoring multiple final table finishes in both Mega Suits and The Roar. Besides, the player has also cashed several other popular online tournaments, including Sunday Suits, PayCheck, Godfather, Adda52 Millions, etc.

Post his win, we got in touch with Sehgal and he said, “Winning it second time feels even better! Adda52 Millions is deep-structured and you generally see a lot of regs going deep in the tourney.”

Talking about his confidence and strategy, he said, “This time, however, I felt a lot more comfortable. I was conscious of the fact I need to maintain my stack and not bleed, and I was also confident that I can start putting pressure on the shorter stacks later in the game. I’m glad that things worked out for me”.

When asked about his live poker plans, he said, “Live is tough for me to manage because of my job, which keeps me pretty occupied. I am really tempted to attend DPT Colossus 2019 considering my back-to-back FT finishes at the DPT Main Event in 2018 and 2019. But think I won’t be able to make since I have got back from a long 12-day holiday just a day before. However, I will try to be there for the weekend though.