Jagdeep Singh, Gaurav Gala & Manish Goenka Make Day 2 Of The Big Wrap PLO

King’s Casino is currently hosting The Big Wrap, which began on 1st April and will run till 8th April today. It has some exciting tournaments with all kinds of formats and buy-ins to cater to the players who have come to the venue. Most of these tournaments have already crowned its champions.

Three Indian challengers – Jagdeep Singh, Gaurav Gala, Manish Goenka who fared well in the series opener – €550 Big Wrap Warm Up PLO were once again seen in action at the Big Wrap PLO €1 million GTD at a buy-in of €2,350, which drew a total of 448 entries (Day 1A – 197 and Day 1B – 251).

Till Day 2, the field eventually came down to just 170 players with UK’s Robert William James Cowen leading them all with a stack of 1,057,000 chips. Leading the Indian pack was Jagdeep Singh, who missed out on scoring in the opening event. Singh bagged the seventh-largest stack of 568,000 on Day 1B and moved into Day 2 as the 10th biggest stack. The rest of two Indians – Gala and Goenka, who had scored €1,326 (INR 1.03 Lac) for finishing 42nd and 44th in the Warm-up, also progressed from Day 1B with Gala holding 208,000 and Goenka holding 100,000 for Day 2.

Singh, one of the country’s talented PLO players, has been in good form. He finished 2nd in the € 700 + 70 No Limit Hold’em – TIPS Highroller at the recently concluded ‘The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) for € 14,000. Most recently, he finished 7th in the WPT Barcelona €1,100 PLO event for €5,800 (INR 4.49 Lac). With a massive stack of 568,000, the player will be looking for a big score in the Big Wrap PLO.

Gala, another talented player from India at the series who had finished 42nd for INR 1.03 Lac in the series warm-up event, has made Day 2 of of the Big Wrap PLO event with a stack of 208,000 and he will be also looking to play his best to grow his stack and eventually finish deep in the event.

Co-founder of TIPS, Goenka, who scored a 44th place for the same €1,326 (INR 1.03 Lac), has joined Singh and Gala at this event for Day 2 play. Holding a stack of 100,000, he must be eyeing a good score. We hope all the three Indians fare well ahead and notch up big scores in the event.

Top 10 Chip Counts For Day 2 Start:

  1. Robert William James Cowen – 1,057,000
  1. Petr Svoboda – 723,000
  1. ‘Jurgen Kracht’ – 710,000
  1. Gustav Hagelin Christensen – 701,000
  1. Fabian Riebau-Schmithals – 697,000
  1. Ozcan Demirbas – 685,000
  1. Sadallah Youssef – 643,000
  1. Rytis Taujanskas – 599,000
  1. Dorel Eldabach – 571,000
  1. Jagdeep Singh – 568,000

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