Nick Burris Wins WSOPC Horseshoe Council Bluffs ME To Earn $99,267 And His 2nd WSOPC Ring

Nick Burris has won the World Series of Poker Circuit(WSOPC) Horseshoe Council Bluffs Main Event. The 42-year-old insurance broker and a regular at Council Bluffs outlasted a field of 273 entries to claim the $1,700 Main Event title for the top prize of $99,267 and his second WSOPC gold ring.

The field of 273 entries created a $413,595 in prize pool, which was distributed among the top 20 finishes with a min-cash being $2,804. By the start of the third and final day, there were just six players remaining and Kevin Berthelsen was leading them all. Burris began the day as second in chips with 1,790,000, while Greg Jennings as third in chips with 1,355,000. The two accomplished players among them were nine-time WSOPC ring winner Ari Engel and Blair Hinkle.

The first elimination of the day came when Ari Engel moved all in with 8c 6c and got called by Kevin Berthelsen. Berthelsen’s Ad 10d held up and Engel got busted in sixth place, earning $18,769.

Burris scored his first knockout by flopping a set of fives against Sarah Zeluf, who hit trip tens by the river. Zeluf moved all-in and was called by Burris’s full house. She earned $24,630 for her fifth-place.

Greg Jennings was the next to leave. He had 9d 8h against Kevin Berthelsen’s 6s 5d. The latter hit a straight on the board of 9s 8c 3h 7h As. Jennings exited in fourth place for $32,839 prizemoney.

Berthelsen was the chip leader to start three-handed action, but Burris picked up pocket queens and got all-in against Berthelsen. Burris flopped top set and won a huge pot. Up next, Berthelsen shoved his remaining stack with As Kh against Kd 10d of Blair Hinkle. The board ran Ks Qd 5d 10s 8s to give Hinkle two pair. Berthelsen got busted in 3rd place for $44,511, leaving Burris and Hinkle in HU.

Burris entered heads-up with distinct chip lead over Hinkle who was able to overtake the lead and even build a 2-to-1 advantage. However, Burris came back strongly and was able to win a key pot with a straight to close the gap. By the time the final hand arrived, Burris had a 7-to-1 lead. On the final hand, Hinkle shoved for ten big blinds with Jd 7d and Burris called with As 8h. The board ran out 6s 6d 2c 9c Qd where Burris’ ace-high was good enough to win him the pot and the title. Hinkle, who had won this particular tournament in 2010, 2013 and 2014, finally finished 2nd for $61,344.

Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Nicholas Burris – $99,267
  2. Blair Hinkle – $61,344
  3. Kevin Berthelsen – $44,511
  4. Greg Jennings – $32,839
  5. Sarah Zeluf – $24,630
  6. Ari Engel – $18,769
  7. Hamid Izadi – $14,525
  8. Dashiell Saenz – $11,415
  9. Daniel Thomas – $9,107

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