Players Get Chatty About Their Moves For National Poker Championship Starting Tomorrow!

Finally, the moment you have been waiting for is here! The National Poker Championship (NPC) promising a whopping 1 INR crore guarantee at just INR 2500 buy-in kicks off tomorrow on Adda52.

It is a one of its kind event with an aim to bring together poker enthusiasts from all over India. Given the huge value at a small buy-in, poker players have been preparing for it in various ways. Some have been playing state qualifiers, while some have been playing online satellites. Some other players have been reviewing their hand histories, reading strategy books or simply watching videos.

We got in touch with some players to understand their excitement and preparations and their moves for the NPC. So, let us check what they say and #KismeHaiDum to become a national champion!

1. Adda52 Millions Winner Kavish Kukreja


“I am very excited . My strategy would be to play lot of pots in the start as people are going to gamble a lot as it is a relatively smaller buy-in tourney. And play solid if I make a big stack for day 2.”

2.Godfather 6.0 Winner Smita Agarwalla


“I am excited about the event at the cheaper buy in of 2500. It’s surely going to be a huge event and I am pretty impressed how Adda52 has given everyone an opportunity to take a shot in NPC through free state qualifiers and cheap satellites. It’s definitely going to be huge, so I am looking forward to it.”

3. Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal


I am super excited for the National Poker Championship, which is the 1st of its kind. It should be fun and real great tourney to get players from all over India to participate and compete. It would be a real challenge of skills for everyone. This is an innovative step by Adda52 and would definitely help the game grow more in India. My preparations are good and I would be giving my best. Basically, it’s just another tourney for me. I wish all the best to all the players participating in this event. Good Luck!”

4. Regular Online Grinder Pranav Khandalkar


I am pretty excited for this tourney and hope to make a deep run where prize money gets significant. My strategy for Day 1 would be to go level by level and make it to day 2. The filed is going to be massive with all regs and recreational players. I intend to play my best game and hope to survive flips and bad beats.

5. Recent Godfather Winner Ashish Ahuja


“Yes, I’m very much excited for the NPC. Adda52 has always been doing its best to prove their domination in the Indian poker circuit and once again they have come up with a brilliant tournament for Indian players. I’ve been studying for this tournament. I’ve been reviewing my hand histories to check major leaks in my game to learn from those mistakes and not to repeat them in a major tournament like this. I’ve also been watching tutorial videos to improve my game play in the spots where I was facing difficulty while playing so that I don’t end in those situations again. I would not like to disclose my strategy for the national poker championship as it gives my opponents a bit of an advantage over my game play but you will surely discuss them if I run deep in the tournament, which I’m kinda hoping I do.” 

6.Godfather 2.0 Winner Avadh Shah

 avadh shah

“Super excited! it’s a huge guarantee for a small buy-in, so a lot of value and thus a lot of people. Not preparing specifically for this persay. But yes, strategy will be to play solid, pick spots, think before making every move and just keep patience till the field runs thin as it’s gonna be a long grind.”

7.Recent Godfather Winner Vinay B

Vinay B

“It’s an amazing concept! It gives low stakes players an opportunity and new players also realise their dream of playing and winning a big event! It’s a super concept of making it state-based qualifiers, I am pretty sure it will crush 1 CR GTD easily! Super excited to play the event.”

“In specially these big GTD events, it’s more about the mental game, so one needs to ensure they don’t get intimidated by the GTD and just keep the game basic and simple and focus on hourly basis and not think too much ahead! I am gonna just keep it basic and play ABC poker. And of course, I might end up playing a slightly more aggro early on to build stack.”

8. Recent Adda52 Millions Winner Chirag Bhardwaj

 CHIRAG Bhardwaj

“Pretty excited! Online poker in India needs this kind of tournament to attract more talent and appeal a larger group of players. Since the field will be huge, my first aim would be to finish the qualifier days on a comfortable chip stack so that I can plan my final day accordingly. Secondly, I will just aim for ITM and then see how things work out from there. Excited for tomorrow. All the best to all players!”

9.Navin Bajaj


“I’m very excited. Have played the state qualifiers. Bubbled twice! Once finished at 6th place, once at 7th. Have also been playing small tournaments to polish my skills. The strategy would be to accumulate a good chip stack early on in the tournament, and then maintain it till Late Registration gets over. Will try to be in the top 15 chip stacks when the Late Registration gets over. After that, the real game begins.”

10.Shekhar Singh


“I am excited to play this tournament as the entry fees is comparatively low. It will help many talented players to take a shot at winning huge amount. Have been playing poker professionally and been practising through various channels to sharpen my skills.”

“My strategy will be to play safe and not aggressively in order to gain as much stack as possible during the first day itself. I want to keep the risk minimal as I want to be pretty high in stack to ensure my entry in the grand finale. I wish good luck to everyone playing this tournament. See you at the tables.”

11.Prateek Pandey


“I’m actually excited about this NPC because I’ve been a regular player on Adda52 and this field is quite known to me, so let’s see, I’m hoping for the best. Tight aggressive play is what my strategy going to be.”

Armaan Raj 


“I am playing it, so I am very excited. Have not been reading strategies. Better wait for good cards and pick your spots. Don’t rush for things. Patience is key for these types of large field tournaments.”

13.Faizan Samad


“Well, I have won the state qualifier. I will try to stay disciplined, not get too aggressive, wait for my moment and then capitalize on it. Maybe re-buy once or twice if I have to.”

14.Avneesh Munjal


“Well, I am very excited about the event and looking forward to grind in all three flights. The format and structure is absolutely attractive, given the economical buy-in. Let’s hope we run good and deep!!”

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