APT Vietnam 2019: Eunho Kwon Wins Series Opener Monster Stack; Rubin Labroo Finishes Third

While most of our prominent pros are in Las Vegas for the WSOP 2019, which has now reached nearly its end with a few tournaments left to be played out, some Indians are heating the felts in  Vietnam, where the Asian Poker Tour is currently underway at the Pro Poker Club, Ho Chi Minh.

It was a good day yesterday for Rubin Labroo, who had scored a FT finish in the DPT 15K Deep Dive in February this year. He finished 3rd in Event 1: Monster Stack at the APT Vietnam series, collecting a good VND 142,810,000 (~INR 4.22 Lac). Labroo was playing pretty well, putting maximum pressure on his opponents. He had a decent stack and was in a strong position to take down the title. However, he got unlucky in a  3-way action and eventually ended his good run in the third place.

We caught up with Labroo and he said, “It feels great, it would’ve been amazing to ship it though. I got really unlucky in 3-way action but that’s a part of it. I made some great plays early on, putting maximum pressure on opponents and reads were spot on.. hopefully this run continues for me.”

Talking about the disgusting bad beat that eventually caused his elimination in the third place, Labroo said, “I had 550k at 10/20k blinds, Button had 800k. SB had 4 million. Button limps. SB completes. I check. I have 98off and the flop opens 567. SB checks, I check. Button bets 35k. SB calls and I make it 110k. Button folds, SB jams, I call. He shows 57. Turn is Jack and he rivers 7 to complete a Full House.”

 With his 3rd place finish in the series opener, Labroo is off to a great start a the series and we hope and wish that he continues his good run in the other events ahead. Emerging the winner in this event was Korea’s Eunho Kwon who gave that beat to Labroo and then went on to eliminate Stephen Schumacher in second place to eventually take down his first-ever APT title for VND 308,120,000 and the shiny APT Golden Lion trophy for his grand victory in the opening tournament.

To enter the event, each one paid the VND 11 million buy-in in and a total of 131 entries were registered to create a healthy prizepool of VND 1,270,700,000, which was shared by 22 players.

Final Table Payouts:

  1. Eunho Kwon – VND 308,120,000
  2. Stephen Schumacher – VND 205,430,000
  3. Rubin Labroo – VND 142,810,000
  4. Tobias Cornelis – VND 103,150,000
  5. Nguyen Duc Thanh – VND 77,140,000
  6. Tan Chong Hwee – VND 59,540,000
  7. Casper Wong – VND 47,280,000
  8. Justin Skovholt – VND 38,520,000

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