Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT 15K Deep Dive Day 1

Day 1 Ends! Varun Vohra Leads Final 26 Players

Varun Vohra

As expected, the opening event – DPT 15K Deep Dive turned out to be a grand success, attracting 294 in total entries and crossing 187 entries registered for this event in February 2019.

Following 19 levels of play, Day 1 is in the books with just 26 players remaining. Varun Vohra has finished in pole position with a stack of 597,000 and will be leading the final 26 into Day 2 play, which is scheduled to start at 2pm, 1st August 2019. While each of the remaining players is guaranteed at least  INR 33,000, they will be eyeing the top prize of INR 10,00,000 when they return to the felts today.

The event saw many notable players and pros today and some of them who are still in contention include Shravan Chhabria, Avinash Tauro, Sangeeth Mohan and Deepak Raina to name a few.

Given below are the chip counts of the final 26:

  1. Varun Vohra 597,000
  2. Mitang Soni 558,000
  3. Abhishek Sharma 514,000
  4. Anand Babu Pallikora 514,000
  5. Shravan Chhabria 477,000
  6. Pranay P Mangekar 378,000
  7. Saumil Krishnani 371,000
  8. Neeraj Pahuja 344,000
  9. Manish M Gandhi 328,000
  10. Shivam Shukla 312,000
  11. Chirag Agarwal 306,000
  12. Radhika Shankar 281,000
  13. Rishabh Vekaria 257,000
  14. Jairam Parab 236,000
  15. Karl Bhesania 235,000
  16. Samit Mehta 227,000
  17. Avinash Tauro 216,000
  18. Sangeeth Mohan 203,000
  19. Vikaash Shah 198,000
  20. Amit Kumar Sen 192,000
  21. Deepak Raina 148,000
  22. Debayan Das 143,000
  23. Akshay Ghori 125,000
  24. Aditya Rawat 90,000
  25. Vineet Kumar 53,000
  26. Cyrus Sidhwa 51,000


Dhaval Mudgal Finishes 29th for INR 30,500; Lamba follows him in 28th Place!


Level 19
Blinds 8k-16k
Ante 16k

It was pre-flop. The short stack Dhaval Mudgal who was in the small blind shoved all-in for 48k chips holding Ax8x and was called by the massive stack Mitang Soni with 9x 9x.

The board ran 7x 3x 5x Qx 7x where Soni’s pocket nines held up and won him the pot.

Dhaval became the first ITM elimination as he got busted in 29th place (INR 30,500).

Following Dhaval were Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba (28th for INR 30,500) and an unknown player (27th for INR 33,000)


Yasheel D Bubbles DPT 15k Deep Dive!

Level 19
Blinds 8k-16k
Ante 16k

Pre-flop, the short stack Yasheel D shoved all-in with 3s 9c and was called by Samit Mehta with Ah As. 

The board ran out 8c Kc Qh Jc 4h, bringing no help for Yasheel to survive and he exited the tournament as the ‘Bubble Boy’, which means all remaining 29 players are in the money now.


Sachin Doubles Through Sangeeth Mohan

Level 17
Blinds 5k-10k
Ante 10k

Pre-flop, Samoh from MP 1 raises to 18k holding Ad 6d and Sachin Kurup in BB holding Qs 10c shoves all-in for his last 40k, which Samoh finally calls.

The board runs out Ks Qd 6c 10h 8x. While Samoh flops a pair with sixes, Sachin takes down the pot with two pairs and gets a much-needed double-up to keep himself alive in the tournament.


Sangeeth Mohan Gets A Big Double-Up!

Level 16
Blinds 4k-8k
Ante 8k

Pre-flop, Varun Vohra from UTG opens to 22,500 and gets called by Samoh from Button.
Flop 10d Jd 9s
Vohra continues and bets 39k, which Samoh calls.
Turn Qs
Vohra fires out a bet of 85k and Samoh shoves all-in for 120k, which Vohra calls.

River 10s
Vohra tables Kh 9h for a straight and Samoh shows Qc Qd for a rivered full house.


Notable Chip Counts After Third Break – Varun Vohra Leads The Way!

Varun Vohra

Level- 15
Blinds 3k/6k
Ante 6k

Varun Vohra- 400k
Mitang Soni – 185k
Debayan Das- 259k
Anand Babu -326k
Deepak Raina- 166k
Jairam Parab- 186k
Radhika Shankar – 220k
Sandeep Bhatnagar – 179k
Karl Bhesania -256k


A Double For Sangeeth Mohan!

sangeeth mohan

Level 14
Blinds 2k-4k
Ante 4k
Pre-flop, MP1 Sunil Shah shoved all-in for 105k holding As Qs and Sangeeth Mohan from button shoved behind for 98k holding Ad Kd.

The board ran out 6c Qx 10h Jd 3h where Mohan hit the straight to double-up, leaving his opponent the short stack.


Deepak Raina Wins It From Saluja

Level 14
Blinds 2k-4k
Ante 4k

Pre-flop, the action folded around to Deepak Raina in CO who raised to 8k and was called by Pratibh Saluja in BB.
Flop 4d Kc Qd
Both players checked the flop
Turn 9s
Saluja bet 9.6k and Raina called.
River 9c
Saluja fired out a bet 23k this time and Raina decided to call.
At showdown, Saluja tabled Js 8d, which was no good against Raina’s Qs 10s. Raina raked in the pot.


Full House For Vishwanathan, He Busts Yogesh Thakur!

Level 13

Blinds 1500-3000

Ante 3000

Pre-flop, a player in HJ raised to 13k and the short stacked Yogesh Thakur from CO shoved for 10k. It came to S.P Vishwanathan in BB who called both players to see the flop.
Flop 4c 6s 2s
Vishwanathan bet 20k and HJ made a snap fold.
The turn and river brought 7s and 7h
At the showdown, Vishanathan turned over 4h 4d for a winning Full House against Qs Qh of Thakur and took down the pot. Unfortunately for Thakur, he got busted from the tournament.


Paawan Bansal Doubles-Up!

paawan bansal

Level 12

Blinds 1500-2500

Ante 2500

Pre-flop, the action folded around to a player in SB who raised 15k and Paawan Bansal shoved all-in for his last 45k, which was called by the player in SB.
Board 8h 2h Jc As 6s
SB tabled 9s 10s for a missed straight and flush, while Paawan turned over 7d 7c, which was good enough to take down the pot. A much-needed double-up for Paawan to keep him alive in the tournament.


Payouts for the DPT 15K Deep Dive Event!

Level 12

Blinds 1500-2500

Ante 2500

With the level 12 in progress, the field has come down to just 110 players out of 294 entries. Meanwhile, the payouts have been announced. The eventual winner gets a hefty INR 10,00,000. A total of 29 places will be paid with a min-cash of INR 30,500. Here is a quick look at the payouts:

1st – INR 10,00,000
2nd – INR 6,90,000
3rd – INR 4,30,000
4th – INR 2,60,000
5th – INR 2,00,000
6th – INR 1,67,000
7th – INR 1,42,000
8th – INR 1,20,000
9th – INR 1,00,000
10th-12th – INR 86,000
13-15th – INR 74,000
16th-18th – INR 62,000
19th-21st -INR 50,000
22nd-24th -INR 38,000
25th -27th -INR 33,000
28th -29th – INR 30,500


Notable Chip Counts From Level 11 – Manish Gandhi Among Biggest Stacks

Manish Gandhi

Level 11
Blinds 1k-2k
Ante 2k

  1. Manish Gandhi – 217K
  2. Anand B.P
  3. Shivam Shukla – 157k
  4. Jairam Parab – 155k
  5. Sangeeth Mohan ‘Samoh’ – 135K
  6. Varun Vohra – 129k
  7. Himanshu Chhikara – 104k
  8. Pratik Mandevia – 96k
  9. Vivek Rughani – 96K
  10. Nayaab Singh Malhotra 96k


Quads For Defending Champion Nikita Luther!


Level 11
Blinds 1k-2k
Ante 2k

Defending Champion Nikita Luther is chipping up here to defend her title in this event. A little while ago, the Adda52 Team Pro and WSOP bracelet winner took down a decent pot from Mitang Soni.

Pre-flop, UTG +1 Soni opened to 3k. A player from MP1 called and Luther from SB raised it to 5k.

While Soni called, the player in MP1 made a snap fold.
Flop Qc 10d 3d
Both players checked the flop.
Turn 3d
It was also checked around
River 3c
Luther bet 6.5k and Soni made the call.
Luther tabled As 3s for QUADs to take down the pot, while Soni mucked his hand.


Late Registration Closes With 294 Entries!

weclome pic 1

The level 10 is over, which means the late registration has ended. The event has attracted total of 294 entries, crossing 187 entries from its previous edition in February this year. So, DPT is off to a great start here at the Deltin Royale!

Meanwhile, the payouts have been announced. Watch out for our payout update!


Firoz Khan Busted By Eka Vedantham

Firoz Khan

Level 10
Blinds 800-1600
Ante 1600
Pre-flop, the action folded around to Firoz Khan in CO who shoved for 18k holding 6x 6x and Eka Vedantham from Button thought for a while and called with his Kx 10x. Both SB and BB folded.
The board ran out 8x Qx Kx Qx 3x where Eka raked in the pot and busted his opponent.


Amit Kumar Busts Bhuvan Bansal!

Level 8
Blinds 600-1200
Ante 1200

It was a pre-flop all-in hand between Amit Kumar and Bhuvan Bansal. The latter shoved for 17k with Ac Qc and Kumar then called the shove from his opponent holding 5c 5d.

The board opened 4h 2s 6h 6s 4s. Unfortunately for Bansal, his AQ could not best pocket fives of Kumar, who eventually took down the pot to stack up and busted his opponent.


Sumukir H.S Doubles Up Through Gaurav Gala!


Level 8
Blinds 600-1200
Ante 1200
Pre-flop, the action folds around to Sumukir H.S in Button who raises to 3600 and gets called by Gaurav Gala from BB.
Flop 10h 6c 5d
Gala checks, Sumukir continues for 3600 and Gala calls.
Turn Jc
Gala checks and Sumukir shoves all-in for 16200, which Gala tank-calls.

River Ad 
While Gala turns over 5h 6h for a flopped two pairs and Sumukir shows Ac Jh for a better two pair to double up.


Quads for Chirag Sodha!

chirag Sodha

Level 8

Blinds 500-1000

Ante 1000

On the flop of As 7s 2h, Chirag Sodha from BB bets 4k and Vishwanathan from Button calls.
Turn Ah
Sodha fires out a bet of 8k this time and Vishwanathan calls once more to see the river.
River Ks
Sodha eventually shoves for his last 6k and Vishwanathan calls for a third time.
Both players then go to showdown. Sodha tables Ac Ad, while Vishwanathan turns over 9c 9d.
What a hand for Sodha! He hits Quads to take down the pot and double up in the process.


Jayjit Ray Busted!

Jayjit Ray

Level 7
Blinds 400-800
Ante 800

Pre-flop, Jayjit Ray from MP1 raises to 3k and Abhishek Prasad from MP 2 re-raises to 5k. While other players in the hand get out of the way, the short stacked Ray gets his last 5.5k stack in. Prasad calls.
Ray Ad 9c
Prasad 8h 8s
The board runs Ks 10h 10h 3s Qs where pocket eights best A9 of Ray.
Prasad takes down the pot and Ray gets busted.


A Runner-Runner Flush For Siddharth Gupta!

siddarth gupta

Level 7
Blinds 400-800
Ante 800
On the flop reading 5s 7s 10c, UTG Siddarth Singhvi checks, UTG +1 bets 3200, HJ folds, Co folds and Siddhart Gupta from button shoves all-in for 10k.
The action folds back to Singhvi who shoves for 35k and UTG +1 folds.
Gupta: Ac Qc
Singhvi: 9d 8h
The turn and river opened Jc and 4c.
While Sighvi got a straight, Gupta improved to a runner-runner flush to take down the pot and double-up.


A Set For Deven Rana, He Doubles Up!

Deven Rana

Level 6
Blinds 300-600
Ante 600

Again, it was a pre-flop action where Deven Rana from UTG open-shoved for his last 22k holding 7c 7s and Kshitij Jain from MP 1 thought for a while before shoving behind for 26k holding 8c 8c.

The board came down Qs 6s 7d Jc 2h

Rana flopped a set of sevens to best 8d 8c of Jain, who was left with just 4k after the hand.


House Over House! Hanooz Bhoot Wins It To Double Up!


Level 6
Blinds 300-600
Ante 600
It was a pre-flop all-in hand between the short stack Hanooz Bhoot in SB and Abhijeet Shetty in MP1. Bhoot who was at risk had As Qd, while Shetty held 8c 8s.

The board ran out Ah Ad 2d 2s 8h.
Both players hit full house but Bhoot took it down with a bigger full house to double up.


Full House for Vikas Shah, He Busts Jogi!

vikas shah

Level 5
Blinds 200-400
Ante 400
Pre-flop, a player in UTG opens to 1200. While Shyam Jogi in button calls, Vikas Shah from SB make it 3200, which both UTG and Button call.
Flop Kh 9d 9s
SB and UTG check their options, while Jogi in button fires a bet of 5k, which both his opponents call.
Turn Js
All the players check the turn
River As
Vikas in SB bets 25k. While UTG folds, Jogi calls with his remaining 15k.
Vikas shows Kd Kc for a flopped full house to best 9h 6c of Jogi and takes down the pot, busting his opponent.


Pratik Mandevia Takes It Down On The Turn!

Pratik M

Level 4
Blinds 200-300
Ante 300

On the flop reading 6d 4c 10h, Gaurav Gupta in SB check-calls a bet of 8K from Pratik Mandevia in MP2.
Turn Qc
Gupta checks it for a second time and Pratik bets 3k to force a fold from the former and take down the pot.


Ladies Up for Lokesh Budhiraja!

Lokesh B

Level 4
Blinds 200-300
Ante 300
Pre-flop, UTG limps, Digvijay Lamba in UTG +1 raises to 1k, which Lokesh Budhiraja in MP re-raises to 2200. While the limper folds, Lmaba contemplates his situation before eventually calling the re-raise from MP.
Flop Ac Ad 9c
Lamba check-calls a bet of 3500 from Budhiraja to see the turn.
Turn 4d
It goes check-check.
River 6s
Both players check the river and go to showdown.
Lamba tables 6c 5c, which are not good against Qc Qh of Budhiraja. The latter takes down the pot.



Padmendu Sachan’s Ladies Win Him A Big Pot!


Level 3
Blinds 100-200
Ante 200

On the flop reading 9d 5d 8d, all the three Padmendu Sachan in BB and players in HJ and Button decide to check their options.
Turn 7h
Sachan fires a bet of 10k. HJ tanks for a while and folds, while button makes the call.
River 8c
Sachan slows down and checks it, while Button shoves all-in, which is called by Sachan.

Sachan shows pocket queens, which are good enough to best Ad 5h of his opponent and win him the pot. Button was probably playing for a flush, but the turn and river went blank for him and he missed the flush.


Siddharth Singhvi Takes Down Another Pot


Level 3
Blinds 100-200
Ante 200

On the turn of 4d 8d Ac Qc, SB checks, Siddharth Singhvi in HJ bets 1500, CO folds, Abhishek Sharma in Button makes it 2500. While SB folds, Singhvi makes the call.
River 6c
Singhvi checks, button bets another 2500, which Singhvi calls. Both players go to showdown.

Singhvi shows Ad 2h for the top pair with Aces and Abhishek Sharma tables Kd 7d for a missed flush. Singhvi wins yet another pot.


Siddarth Singhvi Takes It Down Early
Level 2
Blinds 100-200
Ante 0

Before the flop,a players in HJ raises to 700 and gets two callers in CO and SB. The action folds around to Siddharth Singhvi in BB who re-raises to 3k. HJ and CO call, while SB folds.
Flop 8s 8c 4c
Sighvi continues his aggression, bets 5k and forces a fold from both HJ & CO to take down the pot.


Some notables in the field!

The tournament is already under way and it is level one going on. Meanwhile, around 50 players can be seen in action and some notables among them include Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Pantni, Meherzad Munsaf, Ramesh Rao thotapalli , Masood Shaikh, Nishant sharma, Vaibhav shah, Vidur Singhal, DPT February 2019 Main Event champ Ankit Kapoor and Eka Vedantham to name a few.



Welcome To DPT 15K Deep Dive NLH Event!

weclome pic 1

Welcome to the last edition of DPT for 2019 starting in a while here at the Champions Den – Deltin Royale in Goa. The much-awaiting festival kicks off at 6pm today with its opening event – DPT 15K Deep Dive NLHE, a two-day event with 2 re-entries allowed. It features a buy-in of INR 15K and 25K starting stack (250BB). Each level will be of 25 minutes, while the late registration remains open till the end of level 10.

In February this year, it was Adda52 Team Pro and WSOP bracelet winner Nikita Luther who won this event for INR 6.80 Lac after beating a field of 187 entries and now the race for the title begins once again and it is pleasure to be back to provide you live updates from the event.

Stay tuned in for the key hands, eliminations, chip counts, payouts and a lot more!