Sunday Majors: Manish Lakhotia Wins Adda52’s Big Slick; Manish Jain Ships Mega Suits

Sundays are always big on India’s No. 1 Poker Site – Adda52 and this past Sunday was no exception. The poker site hosted its two major tournaments – 15 Lac GTD Big Slick and 25 Lac GTD Mega Suits. The Big Slick was won by Manish Lakhotia aka ‘newkidpoker’ for INR 2,35,664, while the Mega Suits found a winner in Manish Jain aka ‘chunnu687’ who outlasted 502 entries to earn INR 6,02,400

15 Lac GTD Big Slick

The first major tournament this Sunday was the 15 Lac GTD Big Slick and it attracted a total field of 669 entries (including 188 re-entries). The INR 2,200 buy-in tournament began at 5 pm and lasted for more than 8 hours. In the end, it was the well-known reg Manish Lakhotia who emerged victorious after beating ‘karanchadha_2004’ in heads-up. ‘karanchadha_2004’ settled for INR 2,32,317 after a heads-up deal with Lakhotia who banked the first-place prizemoney of INR 2,35,664 for his win.

A total of 71 places were paid out in this particular online poker tournament with a min-cash of INR 7,130. Some of the known regs who finished deep included Dhawal Makani (3rd for INR 1,45,089), Shivam Shukla (5th for INR 77,954) and Pranav Anand (8th for INR 30,701) to name a few.

Lakhotia’s journey on has been rewarding so far. The player has plenty of cashes and a few big wins to his name. He has cashed out across almost all key popular tournaments, including Godfather, Whale, Mega Suits, Adda52 Millions and other big events. He started 2019 on a strong note by winning Adda52 Millions and then went on to win Mega Suits in July 2019. Last night, the player added one more score to his resume by winning his first Big Slick tournament on Adda52.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 newkidpoker 235664
2 karanchadha_2004 232317
3 dhawalmakani 145089
4 joy_pn80 106350
5 brooskyradio11 77954
6 prashant1703 57140
7 0000a1 41884
8 pornoveloO 30701
9 flipitbaby 22503
10 ThePokerDawn 16495


25 Lac GTD Mega Suits

 The biggest tournament of Sunday night on Adda52 was Mega Suits, which began at 8 PM and lasted more than 8 hours. The INR 5,500 buy-in tournament drew a total of 502 entries. Topping the field was relatively a less known Manish Jain aka ‘chunnu687’ who earned INR 6,02,400 for his win. He beat ‘kissy7’ in heads-up who eventually settled for INR 3,51,400 as a runner-up finisher.

It was not an easy win for Jain as the final table had some solid regs in Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni (3rd for INR 2,38,450), Amit Kumar Sahu (5th for INR 1,25,500), Ujjwal Rana (7th for INR 62,750) and Yohan Patel (8th for INR 50,200). Some other known regs who finished deep were Mukesh Surana (10th for INR 31,375), Ankur Sehgal (11th for INR 31,375), Nagendra Singh Tomar (13th for INR 25,100), Sagar Choudhury (15th for INR 25,100) and Ashumi Parekh (19th for INR 21,335).

Jain has been playing on for over 2 years now. The player has already cashed several tourneys though, Mega Suits win was his biggest score. While the eventual winner Jain was not available for the comment, he must be very happy after adding a big win to his poker resume.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 chunnu687 602400
2 kissy7 351400
3 KunalPatni 238450
4 rinodphilip 188250
5 NutsLagGaye 125500
6 mokshah 87850
7 fullfront 62750
8 AllinMaestro 50200
9 killabot 37650
10 mukesh2704 31375

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