Sergi Reixach Wins EPT Barcelona €100K Super High Roller To Claim His Best Score Of €1,816,210

The 2019 European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona is currently underway at the Casino Barcelona and yesterday saw the culmination of its €100,000 EPT Super High Roller after 3 days of intense action. While there were several players in contention for the title, it was eventually Spain’s Sergi Reixach who emerged victorious after beating a 64-entry field and UK’s Sam Grafton in heads-up. Reixach  earned his career-best score of €1,816,210, while Grafton banked a good €1,303,950 for his efforts.

Reixach entered the final table with the fourth-largest stack and steadily built his stack to eventually win the coveted title. On his way to the victory, he busted Mikalai Vaskaboinikau, Rui Ferreira, Luc Greenwood, Danny Tang, and the runner-up Sam Grafton from the UK to earn his third EPT title!

The final hand of the tournament saw Reixach limping from the button and Grafton raised to 600,000, which Reixach called. The flop came down Kc Js 3d. Grafton led out for 325,000 and Reixach decided to call again. The turn opened 5d and it went check-check. The last card opened 7h and Grafton shoved all-in for 1,725,000, which Reixach quickly called. Then, the cards were turned over.

 Grafton: Qc 6s

Reixach: Kd 8d

Reixach flopped a king pair, which was enough for him to win the coveted title for €1,816,210.

The total field of the super high roller tournament generated a whopping €6,209,280 in total prizepool, which was eventually shared by top nine players. Given below are the payouts (Euro):

  1. Sergi Reixach – €1,816,210
  2. Sam Grafton – €1,303,950
  3. Danny Tang – €847,570
  4. Kahle Burns – €639,560
  5. Tsugunari Toma – €496,740
  6. Luc Greenwood – €384,980
  7. Steve O’Dwyer – €304,250
  8. Rui Ferreira – €235,950
  9. Mikalai Vaskaboinikau – €180,070