Welcome To Live Coverage of DPT 35K Main Event – Flight 1C

Rajnish Kumar Leads 49 Day 1C Survivors


After 13 levels of play, the Day 1C of the DPT 35K Main Event is in the books. A total of 141 entries were registered for this flight. Of those, only 49 players have survived and leading them is the 2017 WPT India High Roller champ Rajnish Kumar (198,900). Following him in second and third place are Rishabh Vekaria (196,900) and Pratibh Saluja (172,900). Sachin Kurup (166,100) is third in chips.

. Given below are the chip counts of the survivors:

  1. Rajnish Kumar 198,900
  2. Rishabh Vekaria 196,900
  3. Pratibh Saluja 172,900
  4. Sachin Kurup 166,100
  5. Shivam Shukla 157,800
  6. Amit Tejura 154,600
  7. Nikita Luther 145,600
  8. Guneet Kwatra 144,300
  9. Cyrus Naterwalla 139,500
  10. Sumit Naulani 135,100
  11. Anmalraj Singh Chawla 134,200
  12. Samsher S Gandhi 129,200
  13. Pradeep Sharma 124,100
  14. Nisarg Parekh 121,70
  15. Gautam Sachdeva 100,700
  16. Sanish Chhabua 97,700
  17. Aseem Jain 96,300
  18. Ashish Munot 95,000
  19. Sameer Tavanandi 93,200
  20. Chirag Sodha 93,100
  21. Mayank Agarwal 89,400
  22. Sunil Saraf 85,100
  23. Sagar Tuteja 84,000
  24. Shambu Mandal 83,900
  25. Arjanveer S Chadha 81,100
  26. Samit Mehta 79,100
  27. Sambhav Raj 78,300
  28. Ravi Priya 78,200
  29. Anil Surendra Singh 75,000
  30. Ashish Ahuja 67,700
  31. Anil Adiani 64,100
  32. Aayush Agarwal 63,700
  33. Anubhav Deswal 63,300
  34. Sanket Arora 61,800
  35. Haresh Kukreja 57,200
  36. Amit Kumar Sen 53,500
  37. Roshan Bhardwaj 51,000
  38. Paawan Bansal 50,400
  39. Karan Mehta 43,500
  40. Madhav Gupta 41,300
  41. Naman Khettry 34,000
  42. Mihir Thakkar 33,600
  43. Avinash Tauro 32,100
  44. Anand Baby Pallikona 30,900
  45. Cyrus Sidhwa 22,300
  46. Romit Advani 21,600
  47. Jagat Bhandari 17,800
  48. Rajesh Singh 14,000
  49. Raj Juneja 12,500


House Vs House – Vikarm’Lungi’ Kumar Busted!

vikram kumar 1c

Level 13
Blinds 1k-2k
Ante 2k

Pr-flop, Pradeep Sharma from CO raised to 4k and the only player who wanted to get involved was Vikram Kumar who called from BB.
Flop 10s 10c 9h
On the flop, Kumar check-called a bet of 5.5k from Sharma
Turn 5d
Kumar checked again and Sharma bet 14k. Kumar shoved all-in for 45k, which Sharma called.

Kumar: Ac 9s
Sharma: 10c Qc

The river was the  9d, which gave both players a full house but Sharma had a better full house and he won the pot busting Kumar from the flight 1C.


Yohau Tatel Busted
Level 12
Blinds 800-1600
Ante 1600

The massive stack Rajnish Kumar from MP1 open raises to 3200 and Yohau Tatel from SB shoves all-in for 25k holding As 10s. Rajnish holding 10c 10d makes the call.

The board runs Qh Ac 4c 2c 5c with four clubs on it and brings the bad news for Tatel as Kumar gets a flush there to take down the pot. Unfortunately for Tatel, he gets busted.


Chip Counts After Late Registration – Rajnish Kumar Among Biggest Stacks 

The late registration for the flight -1C has closed with 141 entries and there are just 60 players remaining. Rajnish Kumar is one of the biggest stacks among the remaining ones. With 130 from Flight 1A, 58 from Flight 1B and 141 from this flight, the total count have now reached 329 entries. With the final flight underway now, the 1 Crore GTD Main Event is well on its way to cross 400 mark.

Level 11
Blinds 600-1200
Ante 1200
Rajnish Kumar – 200k
Arjanveer Chadha – 130k
Samsher Gandhi – 130k
Sumit Navlani – 125k
Anmol Chawla – 110k
Sanish Chhabra 105k
Aseem Jain – 95k
Sumit Mehta – 92k
Sanket Arora – 88k


A Winning Flush for Amit Kumar!

Level 10

Blinds 500-1000

Ante 1000

On the flop reading 3h 8c 2h,  Ashishh Kaushik from MP1 bets 2400 and Amit Kumar from CO calls.
Turn 10h
It goes check-check
River Jd
Ashish bets 6.3k this time and Amit replies with a bet of 16k, which Ashish calls.
Ashish turns over Js 10s for two pairs and Amit shows Ah Kh for a flush to take down the pot.


Bullets Up for Saluja, He Doubles Up!

Pratibh Saluja

Level 9
Blinds 300-600
Ante 600

Pre-flop, Vinay B from MP1 open raises the action to 1.4k and Pratibh Saluja from button makes it to 4.5k, which Vinay calls.

Flop 5s 10c Qd
Vinya check-calls a bet of 4.5k from Saluja
Turn 2s
Vinay checks again and Saluja shoves all-in for 18.k, which Vinay calls.

River 5c

Vinay turns over Kd Qs but it was no good against Ah Ac of Saluja who takes down the pot to double up.


Chip Counts From Level 8 – Ashish Kaushik Among Biggest Stacks 

ashishk kaushik

Level 8
Blinds 300-600
Ante 600
Ashish Kaushik 120k
Rishab Vekaria 108k
Cyrus N. 107k
Sandeep Singh 100k
Rajnish Kumar 103k
Sumit N. 88k
Anil Adiani 80k
Sanket Arora 78k

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Full House for Karan Kakkad, He Doubles-Up!

karan kakkad

Level 8
Blinds 300-600
Ante 600

Pre-flop, Karan Kakkad from CO who was down to 15k decided to shove all-in with Ac Js. The only player to call was Ashish Kaushik from BB who called all-in with 8c 8s.

The board ran out 9c 2c Ad 9h Ah, giving Kakkad Full House and  he doubled up to survive.


A Winning Straight For Tathagata Sengupta!

Level 8
Blinds 300-600
Ante 600
A player in MP1 and Tathagata Sengupta from HJ limp, Rahul Marwaha from BB raises to 1.7k, which MP1 and Sengupta both call.
Flop 8s Ac 5h
All players check the flop
Turn Qc
Both Rahul AND MP1 check, while Sengupta bets 3.3k., which Rahul from BB calls and MP1 snap-folds.
River 10d
The remaining two players decide to check the turn and turn over their cards.
Rahul turns over 5d 7d for a flopped pair of five, while Sengupta tables Jc 9c for a winning straight.


Yasheel Doddanavar Busted!

Yasheel D
Level 7
Blinds 300-500
Ante 500

Pre-flop, Dheeraj Agarwal from UTG open raises to 1k and the short stack Yasheel Doddanavar from CO shoves all-in holding As 10h. Agarwal gives it some thought before finally calling with his 4s 4c.
The board runs 8c Ad 4c 9h Jc where Agarwal makes a set of fours to bust Yasheel.


Full House for Romit Advani!

romit advani

Level 6: Blinds 200-400, Ante 400

On the flop reading 9s 10c 2h, Shivam Shukla from BB check-calls a bet of 5k from Romit Advani in CO.

Turn 9s
It goes check-check
River 7h
Shukla from BB checks and Advani bets 10k, which Shukla calls.

Advani showed 9d 2d for a Full House and Shukla mucked his hand. A decent pot for Advani!

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Shyam Jogi Eliminated 

shyam jogi

Level 6: Blinds 200-400, Ante 400
Three players took to a flop of 9h 8c 5h, Shivam Shukla from SB and Sanket Arora from BB checked and Shyam Jogi in MP1 led out with 4k bet. Shukla called, while Sanket fired a bet of 13k to which Jogi shoved all-in for 47k. Responding to the same, Shukla shoved for 67k and Sanket in BB went all-in for 28k.
Jogi 9c 8d
Shukla 5c 5h
Sanket 7d 6d
The turn and river brought 4h and  6h
While Sanket and Shuka benefited from the Main Pot and side pot,Shyam Jogi got busted.


Arjanveer Singh Chadha Busts Abhishek Sharma

arjanveer singh chadha 

Level 5
Blinds 200-300
Ante 300
It was pre-flop action where Abhishek Sharma from HJ raised to 2100 and the only player who wanted to get involved was Arjanveer Singh Chadha and he decided to re-raise to 7k. Sharma then announced him all-in for 22k and Chadha called.
Sharma Kh 10h
Chadha As Ks
Board 7h Qd 3h 2c 4d
The board missed both players. However, AK was good and Chadha collected the pot busting Abhishek Sharma


A Few Notable Registrations for Day 1C 

After more than one hour of the delay, we finally start the reporting and we begin by bringing you some notables early registrations, which include some popular names like:

Ashish Ahuja – last night’s 65k High Roller Runner-Up

Nikunj Jhunjhunwala – Last night’s 65K High Roller Champ

Nishant Sharma

Zarvan Tumboli

Minissha Lamba

Avinash Tauro

Vikram Kumar

Ramesh Rao Thotapalli

Vidur Singhal

Meherzad Munsaf

Ashish Munot

Goonjan mall

Mihir thakkar


Reporting Delayed!

The live reporting for the flight 1C has been delayed. We apologize for the delay as our reporters are facing transport problem to reach the venue due to the ongoing taxi strike in the region. Stay tuned in!


Welcome To DPT 35K Main Event – Flight 1B

flight 1c welcome post

After an impressive field across the 1A (130 entries) and 1B flights (58 entries), it is now
time for the 1 Cr. GTD DPT 35K Main Event Flight 1C, which is scheduled to begin here at the Deltin Royale in Goa in a while from now at 2 pm. Each level for this flight will be of 35 minutes, while the late registration will be open till level 11. Players start play with a 30k stack (300BB).

Stay tuned to catch the live updates from the flight right here !