Nikita Luther, Anil Adiani And Manish Yadav Among Biggest Winners From Last Week!

Every week on India’s No. 1 poker site – Adda52 promises high-octane poker action and this past week was no different. It saw several high-value online tournaments taking place on the platform, including RDX, Go Goa, Maverick, Godfather X, Whale, CrackJack, Big Slick and Mega Suits.

The week saw several big winners though, the WSOP bracelet winner and Adda52 Team Pro Nikita Luther emerged as the biggest winner among them. Luther outlasted a strong 491-field and Rubin Labroo in heads-up to take home INR 6.12 Lac for her Mega Suits win. It was a big week for Anil Adiani who not only shipped Godfather X for INR 5 Lac but also finished second runner-up in the RDX tourney for INR 1 Lac. The third biggest winner to emerge last week was Manish Yadav who won Whale 6-Max to take home INR 4,11,750. Here is a quick round-up of the last week’s tournaments:

6 Lac GTD RDX (Monday)

The first event of the week was the 6 Lac guaranteed RDX on Monday. The INR 2,750 buy-in event drew a total of 198 entries. Outlasting these entries was Yash Kalro aka ‘pokeraddikt’ who earned INR 1 Lac after beating his heads-up mate ‘atineq’ who also banked INR 1 Lac. A total of 6 players were paid out in this 6-max online poker tournament with each final table player getting INR 1 Lac.

Final Results (INR)

1 pokeraddikt 100000
2 atineq 100000
3 spewtard 100000
4 Sgupta1989 100000
5 sherlockofpoker 100000
6 kissy7 100000


5 Lac GTD Go Goa (Tuesday)

Tuesday brought Go Goa. The INR 2,750 buy-in event drew a field of 193 entries and topping the field was the well-known reg in Akshay Nasa aka ‘vibaks’ who has notched up plenty of cashes and wins on, including Whale (won 2 times), Adda52 Millions (won 4 times), Beast (won 4 times), Juice, Judwaa, Maverick, Mega Suits, Sunday Masters and Big Slick. This past Tuesday, he added one more win by shipping Go Goa for INR 1,40,000 after beating his final opponent – ‘kissy’ who earned INR 84,000 for his runner-up finish. Top 19 places were paid with a min-cash of INR 5K.

Top 10 Results (INR)

1 vibaks 140000
2 kissy7 84000
3 sukhiiii 63500
4 kuber1982 45000
5 Vaamna 31250
6 samir108 22500
7 Jorhat1985 18750
8 dIds6121 13750
9 yUDdam547 11250
10 avd2991995 9250


6 Lac GTD Maverick (Wednesday)

Wednesday saw Adda52’s 6 Lac GTD Maverick. The INR 1,100 buy-in tournament drew a total of 539 entries ( 318 unique + 221 re-entries). It was Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni who emerged victorious after defeating ‘Nit2Donk’ in heads-up and took home INR 97,265 in top prize. Patni has been playing on for several years now and has won plenty of tournaments including DPT 5K Warm-Up, DPT 7K Warm-Up, Adda52 Millions (won three times) and Maverick just last week.

The top 55 finishers were paid out in this tournament with a min-cash of INR 3,532. Some notables who scored ITM finishes included the likes of Pranav Khandalkar (29th) and Akshay Nasa (47th).

Top 10 Results (INR)

1 KunalPatni 97265
2 Nit2Donk 95678
3 Happyfish 59819
4 ddtheking 43847
5 atineq 32140
6 sabhnakli_hai 23558
7 ramanujan 17268
8 anmolrajy 12658
9 Ashutosh1989 9278
10 Tanaya7888 6828


20 Lac GTD Godfather X (Thursday)

Thursday saw Godfather X and it drew a total of 355 entries. Topping the field was the well-known Kolkata pro Anil Adiani who defeated Anshul Rana aka ‘vexagon’ to earn his best online score of INR 5 Lac on Top 38 players were paid out in this flagship tournament with a min-cash of INR 12K. Some known players to finish deep were the latest Game Changer winner Shagun Jain (6th for INR 75K), Avneesh Munjal (7th for INR 60K) and Manoj Kumar (10th for INR 30K).

Top 10 Results (INR)

1 spewtard 500000
2 vexagon 303000
3 Sandyrocker1812 220000
4 ikkatikka 160000
5 ScoobyDebbieDoo 108000
6 sogani94 75000
7 IamAM 60000
8 Ydc1234 50000
9 lucky111989 40000
10 1234manoj 30000


15 Lac GTD Whale (Friday)

On Friday, the week saw 15 Lac GTD Whale. The 7,500 buy-in tournament drew a total of 21 6 entries. The player to ship this 6-max tournament was Manish Yadav aka ‘manamish’ who defeated ‘vishalkumar1270’ in heads-up to take home INR 4,11,750. Top 24 finishers were paid in this tournament with a min-cash of INR 12,750. Some notable regs to finish in the money included ‘FireExit’ (19th for INR 16,500), ‘Peacelover’ (20th for INR 12750) and ‘gmtesting’ (23rd for INR 12750).

Top 10 Results (INR)

1 manamish 411750
2 vishalkumar1270 240000
3 chuckberry 180000
4 fishwithnuts 129000
5 nickel0992 90000
6 pokerfish87 63750
7 Doravad 48750
8 spanktastic 37500
9 IsnapUcry 30000
10 hashstack 26250


5 Lac GTD CrackJack (Saturday)

Saturday brought 5 Lac GTD CrackJack featuring INR 2,750 +1,000 buy-in. The online tournament drew a total of 174 entries. The winner to emerge in this tournament was Yogesh Choudhary aka ‘Ydc1234’ who beat ‘nickel0992’ in heads-up to earn INR 1,35,000. Top 17 finishers were paid out  with a min-cash of INR 7,500. The well-known pro Sahil Mahboobani finished 14th for INR 7,500.

Top 10 Results (INR)

1 Ydc1234 135000
2 nickel0992 85000
4 kood 46250
5 Nit2Donk 33750
6 saker 23750
7 lilmessipranjal 18750
8 Sweetsundar 15000
9 Jigsaw1110 12500
10 Sid297 10000


Sunday Majors: 15 Lac GTD Big Slick & 25 Lac GTD Mega Suits

The last day of the week – Sunday saw two major tournaments taking places. The first one was 15 Lac GTD Big Slick, which drew a total field of 663 entries and found a winner in Sajjan Barnwal who had championed DPT Bounty NLHE this year in February. Barnwal took home INR 2,37,834 for his win. The second major tournament to take place on Sunday was 25 Lac GTD Mega Suits, which crowned a winner in none other than Adda52 Team Pro Nikita Luther who earned INR 6.12 Lac after beating a strong field of 491 entries. For the details of Sunday Tournaments, click HERE!

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