Welcome To Live Coverage of WPT India 2019 35K Superstack Event

Day 1 Ends. Debashis Bal Leads Final 29!

debashis bal

The WPT India 2019 35k Superstack began today and drew a total of 168 entries. There were a number of challengers vying for the chip lead during the last levels. It was DPT Xpress 5K Burn ‘N’ Turn winner Debashis Bal who emerged as the overnight chip leader with a massive stack of 437,000. Following him closely is the young talent Vaibhav Sharma who bagged a stack of 431,000. Other big stacks in contention include the likes of Bibek Karki (338k), Mukunda Dasharathy (311k) and Asif Anis (304k).

Some big names still in contention include Kanishka Samant (135k), Raghav Bansal (252k), Akshay Nasa (186k), Sahil Mahboobani (163k), Mayank Agarwal (198k) and the shortest Anil Gulati (50k).

Chip Counts of Day 1 Survivors:

  1. Vidur Singhal– 284,000
  2. Mukunda D. – 311,000
  3. Rohan Pinto – 112,000
  4. Abhishek Rathod-88,000
  5. Vijay Dua – 167,000
  6. Bibek Karki – 338,000
  7. Abhijeet Shetty – 76,000
  8. Kanishka Samant-135,000
  9. Savvy Ranchal – 125,000
  10. Asif Anis –304,000
  11. Kshitij Kucheen – 240,000
  12. Debashis Bal –437,000
  13. Prashanth Sekar – 117,000
  14. Harshit Choprra – 132,000
  15. Abhinav Jain – 210,000
  16. Akshay Jain – 266,000
  17. Anil Gulati– 50k
  18. Rajat Dhingra – 111,000
  19. Raghav Bansal– 252,000
  20. Ankit Jajodia – 228,000
  21. Vaibhav Sharma –431,000
  22. Sahil Vevatiya -214,000
  23. Varun Vohra – 268,000
  24. Akshay Nasa– 186,000
  25. Sahil Mahboobani– 163,000
  26. Mayank Agarwal – 198,000
  27. Sasi Kanth K. – 127,000
  28. Abhishek Kumar – 148,000
  29. Amit Tejura – 163,000

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Naveen Shah Hits The Rail

Level 16 (Blinds 4k-8k & BB Ante 8k)
Eliminations are quick in the last levels of the Day 1 of the 35K Superstack. The latest elimination came in Naveen Shah.

It was a pre-flop battle between the blinds where Naveen Shah from the small blind shoved his stack of 80k holding 9s 9h and Debashis Bal from the big blind called with QD 8C. The board ran out Kd 7c Qc 4s 7h where pocket nines of Naveen could not hold up and his run came to an end.


Aditya Kumar Eliminated by Abhinav Jain
Level 16 (Blinds 4k-8k & BB Ante 8k)
Pre-flop, Aditya Kumar from MP1 went all-in for 80k holding Jh Kh and Abhinva Jain from CO snap-called with As Ad.
Board: 9D AC 2S 8S KS
While Kumar got a pair of King on the river, Jain flopped a set with Aces to take down the pot to bust Kumar.


Maria Kirloskar Is No Longer In The Run!

maria kirloskar

Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & BB Ante 6k)

With the blinds souring up, eliminations are happening in quick succession. The latest causality was the female pro Maria Kirloskar whose 7d 10c lost to 3s 4c of Debashis Bal on a rundown of 8d Kc 6d 8s 4d.


Sahil Agarwal Hits The Rail

sahil agarwal
Level 15 (Blinds 3k-6k & BB Ante 6k)
The well-known pro Sahil Agarwal is no longer in the running. He has just been busted by Rajat Dhingra.
It was pre-flop action where Sahil from HJ shoved for 64,500 holding Ks 7s and Rajat  called with 8d 8c.
The board 10h 6h 2c Ah Qc ran safe for Rajat and his pocket eights held up to win him the pot and bust Sahil.


Akshay Nasa Doubles Through Shagun Jain

akshay nasa

Level 14 (Blinds 2k-4k & Ante 4k)

Pre-flop, Akshay Nasa shoved all-in for 86k holding Qs As and Shagun Jain decided to call holding 10S 10h.
The dealer fanned a Kc Ad 8h 3s 2s board where Nasa flopped a top pair with Aces to beat pocket tens of Shagun.

Akshay raked in the pot to double up and Shagun lost a big chunk of his chips in the process.

Vinod Agarwal Busted
Level 14 (Blinds 2k-4k & Ante 4k)
It was a three-way action pre-flop where Vinod Agarwal shoved for 27k from button, Sahil Nevatiya from SB shoved behind for 152k and Amit Tejura who had them covered decided to call  BB.
Vinod: Ad 9h
Sahil: Ah Kc
Amit: Ks Kd
Board: 4H 10D 7S AC 8D
Both Amit and Vinod lost the pot to Sahil. While Amit lost a big chunk of his stack, Vinod got busted.


Rajeev Raut Hits The Rail!

rajeev raut

Level 13 (Blinds 1500-3000 & Ante 3000)
In a recent hand, it was a pre-flop all-in where Rajeev Raut pitted his AH Jh against Ac Ks of Savvy Ranchal.
The board ran out 10h 7c 7d 5s Qs where Ranchal took down the pot with his better kicker, busting Raut from the event.


Raghav Bansal Doubles Up!

Level 13 (Blinds 1500-3000 & Ante 3000)
Several big names can be seen in action. One of them is Raghav Bansal who just got a much-needed double-up.
We caught action on the flop of 4s 6s Kc where Raghav from BB checked and Ankit Jajodia from button bet 5k, which Raghav called.
Turn 10c
Raghav checked and Ankit fired a bet of 20k. Raghav went all-in for his remaining 34k and Ankit called.
River Qd
Ankit tabled Ks Js for a flopped king and Raghav turned over As Ac, which were good enough to win him the pot.


Notable Chip Counts From Level 13 – Debashis Bal In Lead

debashis bal
Level 13 (Blinds 1500-3000 & Ante 3000)
Debashis Bal -266,500
Sam Anand – 260,500
Amit Tejura – 226k
Akshay Jain – 219k
Vijay Dua -207k
Bebek Karki – 197k
Shagun Jain – 180k
Mayank Agarwal – 155k
Vaibhav Sharma -152k
Asif Anis – 149k

Abhishek Rathod Busts Aayush Garg

abhishek rathod

Level 12 (Blinds 1500-2500 and BB Ante 2500)
Tonight’s WPT India Kickoff runner-up Aayush Garg is no longer in the run. A while a back, he got busted by Abhishek Rahtod.
Aayush holding 4c 4h in CO shoved all-in for 45k and was called by Abhishek Rahtod holding 3c 3h in SB.

The board ran out 3s 6h 7c 8s 8d, giving a runner-runner fullhouse to Rathod and busting Aayush.


Adda52 Celebrity Pro Minissha Lamba Busted

Level 12 (Blinds 1500-2500 and BB Ante 2500)

A few well-known names have already exited the tournament. The latest to join them is Bollywood Actress Minissha Lamba.
After UTG +1 open limping and a player in HJ raising it to 9500, Lamba from button decided to shove all-in holding Js Jh. Only Varun Vohra who held Qs Qh called, while the rest of the players folded.

The board ran out 10c 3s 6s 6d 3h and Vohra took down the pot with his ladies, busting Lamba in process.


Rajeev Raut Doubles Up!

rajeev raut

Level 11 (Blinds 1k-2k & Ante 2k)
In a recent hand, Aditya Kumar from MP1 open limped and Rajeev Raut from CO shoved all-in for 25k holding Qs Qc. While everyone else folded, Aditya Kumar called with 7d 7s.

The board opened 3h 2d Js 8s 4d where pocket sevens of Kumar could not hold up and Rajeev took down the pot, doubling up in the process.


Deepak B. Hits The Rail

Level 11 (Blinds 1k-2k & Ante 2k)

Pre-flop, Vivek Garg from button raised to 4500 and Deepak B. from SB shoved all-in for 50k, which Vivek called.
Vivek: As Jd
Deepak: Ac 10h
The board came down 2s 9h 10c Jh 7c where Deepak did flop a ten pair but Vivek got a Jacks pair to win the pot and bust his opponent in the process.


168 Entries registered! Payouts announced!

Level 11 (Blinds 1k-2k & Ante 2k)

Out of total 168 entries, there are only 70 players remaining. Meanwhile, payouts have been announced. Top 21 players will receive the payouts. The min-cash will be INR 72,030, while the winner will walk away with a hefty INR  14,70,440.

Complete Payouts (INR):
1st – 14,70,440
2nd – 9,63,380
3rd – 5,67,570
4th – 3,45,460
5th – 2,66,540
6th – 2,21,000
7th – 1,91,415
8th – 1,68,720
9th – 1,47,040
10th-12th – 1,27,230
13th-15th – 1,07,870
16th-18th – 89,610
19th-21st – 72,030


Sahil Mahbooni vs. Akshay Nasa. Sahil Wins!

Level 11 (Blinds 1k-2k & Ante 2k)

We saw an interesting battle between two poker champs in Sahil Mahboobani and Akshay Nasa.
We caught the action on a flop of Kh 4s 8s where BB checked, Mahboobani from UTG bet 6500, which
Nasa from button called. Action folded back to BB who did not want to get involved and folded.
Turn 3c
Sahil slowed down and checked but Nasa decided to bet 18k, which Sahil called.
River 4h
Sahil checked again and Nasa continued his aggression, this time firing a bet of 22k, which Sahil called.
Sahil turned over Kd Qh against Nasa’s Qc 1Oc and took down the pot to stack up.


Maria Kirloskar Takes It Down With A Flush!


Level 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 1600)

A lot of known entities can be seen in action in the 35k SuperStack here. A while back, we saw an interesting battle between the two well-known pros – Maria Kirloskar and Adda52 Team Pro Kunal Patni.

Before the flop, Maria opened the cutoff to 3200 and Kunal called from the button.
Flop Jh Kd 9h
Maria checked and Patni bet 3k, which Maria called.
Turn 4h
Maria checked again and Patni fired a bet of 5k this time
River 10h
Both players checked the last street.
Maria tabled Ah Js for rivered flush, while Patni mucked his hand.


Gokul Raj Busted by Akshay Nasa

Level 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 1600)
It was a pre-flop action. Gokul Raj who was down to 7k decided to shove all-in holding Ah Kd in CO and was called by the young gun Akshay Nasa in BB who had 4c 9c.

The board 6s Js 7d 5c 9d did not help Raj, while Nasa rivered a 9 pair to win the pot and bust Raj from the tournament.

Late Registration Closes With 168 Entries

Level 10 (Blinds 800-1600 & Ante 800)
We have entered the level 10, which means the late registration has closed. A total of 168 entries were registered and around 80 players are remaining. Vijay Duwa, Shagun Jain and Bibek Karki among biggest stacks. Watch out for our payout updates, which will be available soon.


Notable Chip Counts From Level 9 – Vijay Duwa Among Biggest Stacks

vijay duwa


Level 9 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)
Vijay Duwa – 190k
Shagun Jain – 160k
Bebek Karki- 155k
Sam Anand – 138k
Aditya Kumar – 130k
Guarav – 123k
Mayank Agarwal – 103k
Sahil Mahboobani – 98k
Amit Kumar – 97k
Maddy – 90k
Muskan Sethi – 80k


Vijay Duwa Busts A Player

Vijay Dua


Level 8 (Blinds 500-1000 & Ante 1000)

Pre-flop, Vijay Duwa opened the cutoff to 1200 and was called by a player in BB.
Flop As 2d 9s
The player in BB bet 1200 and Vijay called.
Turn Qd
This time, both players checked
River 5d
This time, BB bet 7500, which Vijay made it to 20k. Action folded back to BB who shoved all-in and Vijay called.
At showdown, Vijay tabled Ad 3d for a runner-runner flush against 5c 5d of the BB player who had rivered a set.  A good boost to the stack of Vijay who took down the pot, busting his opponent.


Sahil Nevatiya Flops A Flush To Take It Down!

sahil nevatiya

Level 7 (Blinds 400-800 & Ante 800)
In a pre-flop action, Sahil Nevatiya from UTG opened to 1500 and was called by four players,including Rahul Melwani from MP2.
Flop 8h 2h 10h
On the flop, everyone folded after a bet of 3500 from Sahil except Rahul Melwani who decided to call.
Turn 3s
Sahil continued and fired a bet of 5k, which Rahul called again.
River Ad
Sahil bet 5k yet again and Rahul called for the last time.
Sahil tabled Kh 3h for a flopped flush, while Rahul mucked his hand.


Romit Advani Busted by Abhijeet Shetty
Level 6 (Blinds 300-600 & Ante 600)
Quite a few notables can be seen in the Superstack event and some of them have already been eliminated. Just a while back, we saw Romit Advani exiting.  His pocket sevens ran into pocket queens of Shetty.

The board blanked out and Shetty won the pot with his ladies, busting Romit from the tournament.


Maria Kirloskar Doubles-Up!


Level 5 (Blinds 200-400 & Ante 400)
A short while back, we saw the popular female player Maria Kirloskar got a nice double up.

She was in UTG and opened to 800 and two players came along, one from button and another from SB.

The flop opened 4d 8c Ks.

SB bet 3900, which Maria made it to 8k and button got out of the way. Action folded back to SB who shoved and Maria called.
The turn and river were Js 7s.

Maria tabled 8d 8h for a flopped set against As Kc of the SB player to win the pot and double up.


Manish Lakhotia Takes It Down With One Pair!


Level 2 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 0)
Pre-flop, Lakhotia opened from UTG and was called by MP1 and a player on the button.
Flop 6s 10c Qd
Lakhotia bet 900, MP1 folded and button called.
Turn 3h
Both players checked the turn.
River 7h
Lakhotia decided to check one more time and button bet 2k, which Lakhotia called.
Lakhotia tabled Kd 10d for a flopped ten pair, which was good to beat his opponent’s Js 8h.


Rajeev Raut Takes It Down Early

rajeev raut

Level 1 (Blinds 100-100 & BB Ante 0)

Quite a few notables can be spotted in the WPT India Superstack event. One of them is Rajeev Raut who just won a pot. Raut opened from UTG +1 to 300 and two players came along, one from HJ and another from BB.
Flop Ad 2d 9d
BB checked, while Raut bet 500. The next to act HJ called and BB folded.
The turn AS and the river Ah were checked by both players.
Raut tabled Kd Js, which was good to beat his opponent’s hand (cards not known) and win the pot.


Notables In The Field

Level 1 (Blinds 100-100 & BB Ante 0)

The second event of the WPT India 2019 is underway. There are as many as 30 entries on the board and some early notables spotted on the floor include Jaydeep Dawer (who jumped into the superstack after busting from the  the Kickoff event), Maria Kirloskar, Abhishek Chinya, recent BPT Kickoff winner Abhijeet Shetty, last year’s WPT India 20K Megastack Turbo champ -Siddarth Singhvi, the popular pro Meherzad Munsaf, Manish Lakhotia and Nishant sharma to name a few.


Welcome To WPT India 2019 35K Superstack Event 

wide shot for super stack

After a healthy turnout of 161 entries in the 20K Kickoff event, the WPT India 2019 has moved on to the second tournament on the schedule – the 35k SuperStack NLHE. Back in 2018, it was Abhishek Jalan who won the WPT India SuperStack title for INR 17,29,000 after besting a strong field of 215 entries.

Now it is time to raise the bar again as the tournament kicks off at 3pm today. It is a deep-structured event featuring a starting stack of 35k. Each level for this 35k buy-in event will be of 30 minutes, while the late registration will remain open till the end of level 9, approximately at 7:30pm this evening.