Welcome To Live Coverage of WPT India 2019 Main Event Day 1C

Day 1C Ends With Somashekar K M Leading 64 Survivors!

somashekar 2

The final flight – Day 1C drew a total of 147 entries and after 13 levels of play, there are only 64  players left. Leading the 64 survivors into Day 2 is Somashekar K M who has bagged 190,500. Here are the chip counts of 64 survivors:

 S. No. Name Chips
1 Somashekar K M 190500
2 Raghav Bansal 181500
3 Yohan Patel Peiris 148500
4 Rishabh Vekaria 148500
5 Jasven Saigal 124000
6 Kartik Ved 120500
7 Sameer Shivhane 116000
8 Shawn Chatterton 110500
9 Rajeev Kanjani 109500
10 Manas Kalita 104500
11 Sami Sipila 99000
12 Vivek Rughani 94500
13 Minissha Lamba 91500
14 Shaswat Agarwal 89500
15 Prabhit Paliya 86000
16 Nikhil Kedia 85500
17 Madhav Gupta 85000
18 Arjun Pasricha 84000
19 Manish Lakhotia 84000
20 Himmat Singh 84000
21 Vidur Singhal 81000
22 Romit Advani 79000
23 Ansar Khan 77500
24 Sanjay Sharma 69500
25 Anand Shankar 69000
26 Kamal Kishore Naidu 68000
27 Vikaash Shah 68000
28 Kiran Kumar 67000
29 Ronak Agarwal 67000
30 Gautam Sachdeva 64000
31 Rahul Melwani 63500
32 Anant Purohit 63000
33 Ashish Ahuja 62000
34 Goonjan Mall 62000
35 Akshat Jaiswal 59000
36 Rajat Singh Dhingra 58500
37 Kavish Chouhan 58000
38 Yuvraj Singh 52500
39 Raul Fernandes 47000
40 Shardul Parthasarathu 47000
41 Asheesh Naag 45500
42 Sarala Ramakrishna 43000
43 Abhishek Rathod 40500
44 Mukunda D 39000
45 Akhilendra Singh 38500
46 Alnoor Pujani 37500
47 Pratik Mehta 36500
48 Daxesh Patel 35500
49 Clive Kikia 35500
50 Charli Vikram Kalishik 34500
51 Jayjit Ray 31500
52 Kuldeepsinh Jagtad 31000
53 Siddarth Singhvi 31000
54 Saurabh Rohila 31000
55 Anshul Bagaio 30000
56 P Srinivid Naidu 29500
57 Abhay Bokadia 29000
58 Anmol Narang 27500
59 Kuang Hung Lee 27000
60 Kanav Parwal 26000
61 Hitesh Kanungo 24000
62 Guneet Kwatra 17000
63 Abhishek Tibrewala 12000
64 Pavan Jain 7500


Prizepoool and payouts for WPT India 2019 Main Event!

The prizepool has been released for WPT India Main Event, and with 630 entries, the total prizepool is worth INR 3,28,47,476 (US $462,164). The top 79 players will receive payouts, with the eventual winner taking home a hefty INR 63,48,641.

Here is a quick look at the payouts:

1st:  INR 6,348,641*
2nd:  INR 4,277,605
3rd:  INR 2,753,290
4th:  INR 1,987,220
5th:  INR 1,524,970
6th:  INR 1,228,645
7th:  INR 1,020,340
8th:  INR 813,010
9th:  INR 609,920
10th-12th:  INR 509,520
13th-15th:  INR 406,180
16th-18th:  INR 339,355
19th-21st:  INR 285,890
22nd-24th:  INR 237,645
25th-27th:  INR 202,110
28th-36th:  INR 167,230
37th-45th:  INR 144,410
46th-54th:  INR 126,485
55th-63rd:  INR 109,860
64th-72nd:  INR 94,535
73rd-79th:  INR 79,865


Sanjay Sharma Doubles-Up!

A short stack is all in, Sanjay Sharma is all in for 22,500, and Kuang Hung Lee who covers both of them makes the call. And the cards are turned over:

Kuang Hung Lee: Kd Jh
Sanjay Sharma: 10h 10c.
Unknown Player: Ax Kx 

The board runs Js Jc 6d 10s 10d where Leep flops trip jacks, but Sharma rivers quads to take down the pot and double-up. The short stack is eliminated.

Sriharsha D. Busted by Vivek Rughani
Level 13 (Blinds 1k-2k & Ante 2k)
Pre-flop, Vivek Rughani from button raises to 5k and Sriharsha D. from SB shoves all-in for 16k holding As 6d. Rughan makes a snap call with his Ad Jh.

The board runs 8s Qs 10d 5d Qh where Ad Jh of Rughani are good for him to take down the pot and bust Sriharsha from the tournament.


Rishabh Vekaria Doubles-Up

Level 12 (Blinds 800-1600 & 1,600 ante)
On the flop reading 2c 6s 8s, MP1 bets 5k, MP2 calls, Rishab Vekaria from button shoves all-in for 44800. The player in MP1 calls, while MP2 folds.
Rishab: 3h 3d
MP1 : 2s 9s

The player from MP1 needs to hit but the turn Kh and the river 8h bring no help and pocket threes of Rishabh hold up and he takes down the pot to double-up!

Level 12 Begins; 87 Players Left

Level 12 (Blinds 800-1600 & 1,600 ante)

Level 12 begins and blinds increase to 800-1,600 with a bbb ante of 1,600. The tournament clock shows 87 players remaining from a field of 147, with an average chip stack being around 50,700 (32 big blinds). The total field size is 630, and the prizepool and payouts for the event will be updated as soon as it is available!

Kartik Ved Busts Karan Khushalani

Level 11 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

Kartik Ved raises to 2,500, Karan Khushalani calls from CO and blinds also call.

Flop Kd Qd 5d.

The flop checks to Khushalani, who bets 8500. Blinds fold and Ved moves all-in.

Khushalani calls all in with Ks Jd for a pair of kings and Ved turns over Qc Qh for a set of queens. Khushalani needs to improve, but the turn and the river bring 2h and 2d and Ved takes down the pot with a full house bust Khushalani.

Level 11 Beings; 90 Players Left!

Level 11 (Blinds 600-1200 & Ante 1200)

Level 11 begins and blinds increase to 600-1,200 with a big blind ante of 1,200. As per the tournament clock, there are only 90 players remaining from a field of 147entries for this flight, with an average chip stack being around 49,000 (41 big blinds). Registration has closed, and the total field size is 630 entries.

Prizepool and payouts will be released as soon as it is available!

Narendra Purohit Eliminates R.Gupta

Level 10 (500-1000 and Ante 1000)

Narendra Purohit raises from CO to 2,200, R. Gupta from button moves all in for around 9,000, and Purohit makes the call holding a nice hand in Ks Kd.

Gupta turns over Kc 7c, and she is in a bad shape and needs to improve.

The board comes Qh 6h 5h Qd Jc and the pocket kings hold up for Purohit to take down the pot and eliminate Gupta from Day 1C of the main event.

Late Registration Closes With 147 Entries for Day 1C

Level 10 (500-1000 and Ante 1000)

Day 1B turned out to be another day for the ongoing MAIN Event of WPT India 2019, registering a total of 147 entries. With 147 combined with 227 from Day 1A and 256 from Day 1B, the total field has reached 630 entries. The payouts and prizepool will be updated tomorrow (20th October).


Chip Counts After Level 9- Raghav Bansal Leads The Way!

raghav bansal

Level 10 (Blinds 500-1000 & Ante 1000)

Raghav Bansal – 123k
Somshekher -118k
Rishabh Vekaria -97k
Manish Lakhotia -93k
Rajeev Kanjani -86k
Minissha Lamba -85k
Romit Advani – 80k


Video Recap of WPT India 2019 Superstack NLH Event


Level 9 Begins. 142 Entries & Counting!

Level (Blinds 400-800 & 800)

Level 9 begins and blinds now increase to 400-800 with a big blind ante of 800. There are 142 entries as per the tournament clock and out of these, 106 players remaining, with an average chip stack being  about 40,200, The total field size has reached 625. Late registration is open until the start of level 10. Day 1C features 20-minute levels, and action is scheduled to end after Level 13 after 4:00 am.


Level 7 Begins. 139 Entries & Counting

Level (Blinds 300-500 & 500)

Level 7 begins and blinds now increase to 300-500 with a big blind ante of 500. There are 139 entries as per the tournament clock and out of these, 126 players remaining, with an average chip stack being  about 33,100, The total field size has reached 622. Late registration remains open until the start of level 10.

Arun Thalakala Eliminated by Guur Kumar!

Level 6 (Blinds 200-400 & Ante 400)

After losing a hand to Kiran Kumar a while back, Arun Thalakala was left with just 5200 and he shoved with Jc 10s. Guru Kumar from button called holding Js Jd.

The board came 2d 2h 6c 3s 9c where pocket jacks won the pot for Guru and Arun who did not find any help from the board to improve his hand got eliminated.

Level 4 Begins. 120 Entries & Counting

Level 4 (Blinds 100-200 & 200)

Level begins and the current blinds are 100-200 with a BB ante of 200. With 120 entries already in for the final flight, we have already crossed 600-entry mark.

With late registration remaining open until the start of level 10, we expect the field to reach close to 700-entry mark. This field is playing 20-minute levels, and action is scheduled to end after Level 13 after 4:00 am. Stay tuned for the updates!
Runner-Runner Full House for Kiran Kumar!

Level 3 (Blinds 100-200 & Ante 200)
Pre-flop, a player from MP1 and Kiran Kumar from HJ limp and Arun Thalakala from button raises to 2400. While everyone else folds, both MP 1 and Kiran call.
Flop 6h 7d As
The player from MP1 bets 2k, Kirman makes it 15300 and Arun shoves all-in for 32k. MP1 folds and Kiran calls for 26k.
Kiran: 7c 7h
Arun: Qc As
Kiran was ahead on the flop with a flopped set of sevens and he further improved to a runner-full house as the turn and river came 9h and 9c.

Kiran took down the pot wit a full house and doubled-up to survive.

Some Notables In The Field for Day 1C

Level 2 (Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0

  1. Vivek Rughani
  2. Sriharsha D
  3. Zarvan Tumboli
  4. Pradeep Sharma
  5. Muskan sethi
  6. Ashish Ahuja
  7. Minnisha Lamba
  8. Rishabh Vekaria
  9. Manish lakhotia
  10. Goonjan Mall
  11. Vidhur Singhal
  12. Siddarth Singhvi
  13. Jaydeep dawer
  14. Jasveen Saigal
  15. Kartik Ved

Runner-Runner Flush For Karan Khushalani!

karan khushalani day 1c


Level 1 Blinds ( Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)
Hema Rao from CO opens to 900 and Karan Khushalani from BB calls.
Flop Jc Kh 4s
Karan checks, Hema bets 3k, which Karan calls.
Turn Ks
Both players check the turn
River 6s
Karan fires a bet of 5k this time and Hema makes it 10k. Karan makes a snap call.
Hema tables Ah Kd for king trips, while Karan turns over As Qs for a winning flush.

We Are Close To 600 Mark!

Level 1 Blinds ( Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

There are already 115 entries on the board for Turbo Flight 1C, which means we are a few minutes away to cross 600-entry mark for the WPT India Main Event


‘Shuffle Up & Deal’ – Day 1C Begins

Level 1 Blinds ( Blinds 100-100 & Ante 0)

With the announcement of the ‘Shuffle Up & Deal’, the Turbo flight 1C of the Main Event has got underway.  Players begin with 30,000 stack, and the starting blinds are 100-100 with no ante for this level.  As of now, there are 50 players in the field.


Welcome To WPT India 2019 Main Event Day 1C!

main evet day 1c welcome

After an impressive turnout of 256 entries for Day 1B of WPT India 2019 Main Event, the total field of the marquee main event has reached 483, with 227 entries combined from Day 1A. Now, it is  time for the final starting flight – Turbo Flight 1C, which begins tonight at 11:30 pm. Players will start with 30k stack, while each level for this flight will be of 20 minutes. Late registration will remain open till the start of Level 10 (approximately 2:40 pm) and players are allowed one entry.

Day 2 for the Main Event begins tomorrow at 3pm, while the final table will begin Monday at 2 pm. Stay tuned for the latest updates from the tournament.