Rising Star of Indian Online Poker – In Conversation With Ujjwal Narwal!

It is very inspiring to see many youngsters and new players making a mark in poker. One such youngster is Ujjwal Narwal, a rising star of Indian poker from New Delhi whose tryst with poker began in his college days. His introduction to poker is just a little over 2 year old and he has already earned a name for himself with his hard work and dedication. His game saw a huge improvement during 2018, especially after getting coached by a couple of India’s poker stars in Aditya Agarwal and Kartik Ved. Since then, he has transformed himself into a very serious, devoted and inspiring player.

Although Narwal has already posted a few scores on the live felts, he is mainly known for his exploits on the virtual felts and his love for online poker is evident through his grinding regime, hard work and the volume he has been putting in over the last one year. While he has posted big scores on almost all major Indian poker sites, Adda52 seems to be his favourite hunting ground. Playing for a little more than 2 years here, the young talent has won a dozen of major online poker tournaments, notched up more than a dozen of runner-up finishes, and posted numerous final table scores.

An online MTT lover, Narwal has been putting in a lot of volume and time over the last few months and it is evident through his results. He is one of the top MTT crushers on adda52.com with several big online cashes in the last 7 months. This rising star of Indian online poker has won 4 major online tournaments and made over a dozen of final tables in the last 7 months. It started with shipping National Poker Championship (NPC) for INR 16 Lac, his biggest online score on Adda52. Later, he shipped Blaze, Godfather, Godfather SnG and Goa and also made more than a dozen of FT finishes.

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We caught-up with Narwal to find out how he feels to be among Adda52’s most profitable players, what has been his journey like, what his future plans are, and more. Here are the excerpts:

OPN: Hi Narwal, you have been among the most profitable poker players on adda52.com especially in the last six months. How does it feel to feature among the top MTT crushers on the poker site?

Narwal: It feels great. I’ve given a lot of time to poker in the last six months. I’m happy that I’ve done well.

OPN: Could you take us through your online poker journey especially over the last 6 months?

Narwal: The last 6 months have been very good for me. It started with shipping NPC on adda52.com for INR 16 Lac. Then, I made multiple 1,2,3 place finishes in Spartan’s Highrollers and The Elite. I also shipped Godfather and Godfather SnG. My latest big score was shipping The Elite last week.

OPN: You have been playing on adda52.com for over two years. How has been the experience?

Narwal: It has been a great experience. Adda52 has great interface and MTT structure. Also, they have the best leaderboard prizes.

OPN: How much poker do you play on an average in a day? And how do you spend time when not playing poker?

Narwal: I play 5-6 days a week. Starting at 8pm to 1-2am (only tournaments). I spend time hanging out with friends, playing video games and working on some non-poker related projects.

OPN: Finally, what are your plans in live and online poker ahead?

Narwal: As of now, I don’t have many plans for live poker. I am actually planning to take a break from poker for a few months in 2020.

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