Sunday Majors: Anish Patra Takes Down Adda52’s Mega Suits; Saket Kumar Wins Big Slick!

Another action-packed Sunday is in the books, with Anish Patra aka ‘anishpatra’ winning this Sunday’s biggest tournament on Adda52. He outlasted a 514-entry field to win the 25 Lac GTD Mega Suits and took home INR 4,88,377 after a heads-up deal with the recent Godfather XI winner – Uttam Kumar Sinha aka‘chinunew’ who pocketed INR 4,88,223 for his runner-up finish in the tournament.

Patra has plenty of cashes and several FT finishes to his name on The talented player has already scored multiple FT finishes in Adda52 Millions, Godfather, The Whale and other popular events on the poker site. He has been in tremendous form over the last few weeks and had recently won The Ballers for INR 4,20,000 in top prizemoney. Last night, he added one more win by taking down Mega Suits for an impressive INR 4,88,377, which is by far his biggest score on

With a total of 514 entries, the tournament created INR 25 + Lac prizepool, which was eventually shared by the top 55 finishers with a min-cash being INR 11,565. Last week’s Godfather XI winner ‘xoredvoid’ (3rd for INR 2,44,150), Deepak Singh (4th for INR 1,92,750), Pranjal Gandhi (5th for 1,28,500), Rajat Sharma (9th for INR 38,550), young talent Neel Joshi (11th for INR 32,125), and Sumit Spara (20th for INR 19275) were some notable regs who finished deep in the flagship tournament.

Prateek Pandey (23rd), Guneet Kwatra (26th), Ayan Ray (29th), Adda52 team pro Kunal Patni (43rd), Shravan Chhabria (45th), Aditya Sushant (55th) were some other notables who finished ITM.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 anishpatra 488377
2 chinunew 488223
3 xoredvoid 244150
4 Peacelover 192750
5 lilmessipranjal 128500
6 Aarchit 89950
7 swapnil1001 64250
8 Luckypunter 51400
9 Oshoswami 38550
10 kasatankit 32125


15 Lac GTD Big Slick

Adda52’s second major online poker tournament this Sunday was the 15 Lac GTD Big Slick. Starting at 5 pm, the event drew an impressive field of 719 entries. Topping the field in this INR 2,200 buy-in online tournament was none other than Saket Kumar aka ‘saker’ who has already championed the tournament in August and September this year. Last night, he scored his third Big Slick win after defeating Ujjwal Narwal aka ‘fourteenk’ in heads-up and banked a cool INR 2,11,433 for his win.

Top 80 finishers were paid in last night’s Big Slick, with a min-cash being INR 6,291. Among some known regs, Anant Purohit (3rd for INR 1,95,523), Avitij Jaiswal (5th for INR 77,071), and Kapil Vasita (7th for INR 41,409) final-tabled the event, while Shravan Chhabria (9th for INR 22,248), Anurag Srivastava (10th for INR 16,308), Pranav Khandalkar (16th for INR 11,954), WPT India 2019 Big Bounty Champion Sriharsha Doddapaneni (24th), Deepak Bothra (30th), Harsh Bubna (43rd), Eka Vedantham (60th), Nishant Sharma (64th), Arjun Agrawal (67th), and ‘selffish’ (75th) were some notable ITM finishers.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 saker 211433
2 fourteenk 199166
3 Pro_baba 195523
4 ARCJMD 105145
5 avijitjazz93 77071
6 Pankajkothari 56493
7 Kapsa92 41409
8 abhisekchem86 30353
9 sweatmyass13 22248
10 NormanBates 16308

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