Weekly Majors: ‘xoredvoid’, Anish Patra & Anurag Srivastava Emerge Big Winners!

Yet another action-packed week is in the books with the online regular ‘xoredvoid’ emerging the biggest winner of the week on adda52.com. The player won Godfather XI for an impressive INR 5,70,850 prizemoney. The other big winners from the week included Anish Patra (won Mega Suits for INR 4,88,377), Anurag Srivastava (won The Ballers for INR 3,08,156) and Nikhil Arora (won Maverick for INR 2,55,835). Here is a quick round of Adda52’s tournaments that took place last week:

Goa Fest (Monday)

Adda52’s biggest tourney on Monday was the 8 Lac GTD Goa Fest, which drew an impressive field of 248 entries to comfortably crush its guarantee and create INR 9.02 Lac prizepoool, which was shared by top 27 players. Topping the field in this particular event was Ayan ‘gutshotguru1’ Ray, who claimed the top prize worth INR 2.34 Lac after besting Karan ‘Reg_Slayer’ Radia in heads-up play.

Some known regs to finish deep were Sriharsha Doddapaneni (7th for INR 29,338), Gaurav Sood (18th for INR 9,479), Chirag Bhardwaj (20th for INR 9,479), and Anil Adiani (27th for INR 8,124).

Top 5 Payouts:

  1. gutshotguru1 – INR 2,34,707
  2. Reg_Slayer – INR 1,39,922
  3. prempoonia – INR 1,05,167
  4. MrGTO – INR 76,731
  5. seven2222 – INR 51,906

Hitman (Tuesday)

Tuesday brought Adda52’s 7.5 Lac GTD Hitman. After several hours of intense fights, it was online phenom Manish ‘newkidpoker’ Lakhotia who took it down to win the top prize of INR 2.06 Lac after defeating Deepak Singh in heads-up. The online tournament attracted a total of 235 entries and generated the INR 7.52 Lac prize pool, which was eventually shared by the top 24 finishers.

Some notables to finish ITM were Vaibhav Temani (11th for INR 13,160), Ujjwal Narwal (13th for INR 11,280), Anant Purohit (17th for INR 9,400), Gaurav Sood (20th for INR 6,392) and Karan Radia (23rd for INR 6,392).

Top 5 Payouts:

  1. newkidpoker – INR 2,06,424
  2. Peacelover – INR 1,20,320
  3. Vickypune – INR 90,240
  4. effuno – INR 64,672
  5. jason911 – INR 45,120

Maverick (Wednesday)

Adda52’s biggest online tournament to take place on Wednesday was the 10 Lac GTD Maverick. The event logged in a total of 459 entries and generated INR 10.44 Lac in the prize pool. It was Nikhil ‘billZ’ Arora who came out on top, banking an impressive INR 2.55 Lac in first-place prize money.

The well-known pro Anil Adiani (5th for INR 52,211), Sreekanth Narayan (7th for INR 28,716), Harsh Dembla (8th for INR 23,495), Ujjwal Narwal (15th for INR 10,442), Ayush Garg (16th for INR 8,872), Shagun Jain (18th for INR 8,876) were some notables who finished deep in the tournament.

Top 5 Payouts

  1. billZ – INR 2,55,835
  2. MontyCristo – INR 1,51,413
  3. joy_pn80 – INR 1,04,423
  4. resurrection – INR 78,317
  5. spewtard– INR 52,211

Godfather XI (Thursday)

Godfather XI was a smashing success with 466 entries (251 unique and 215 re-entries) that generated a massive INR 23,30,000 prizepool, which was shared by top 49 finishers with a min-cash of INR 12,815. Sahil Mahboobani who plays under ‘ImHighIshove’ came close to capturing the title, but ultimately finished runner-up to ‘xoredvoid’ who played pretty well to eventually win the tournament for INR 5,70,850. Mahboobani, who has already won Mega Suits, PayCheck, two Godfather tournaments and several other events on Adda52, settled for INR 3,37,850 prizemoney.

Top 49 finishers were paid out in the Godfather XI tournament. Avijit Jaiswal (8th for INR 52425), Arjanveer Singh Chadha (11th for INR 29125), recent Godfather XI winner ‘chinunew’ (16th for INR 19805), Chirag Sodha (18th for INR 19805), and Devrat Singh (20th for INR 17475) finished deep.


Top 5 Payouts

  1.  xoredvoid – INR 570850
  2.  ImHighIshove – INR 337850
  3. eshankapoor – INR 233000
  4.  mehro2511 – INR 174750
  5.  Vishal7138 – INR 116500

The Ballers (Friday)

Adda52’s The Ballers 15 Lac GTD drew 235 entries (157 unique and 78 re-entries). Topping the field was the known online reg Anurag ‘NormanBates’ Srivastava and he banked INR 3.08 Lac for his win.

A total of 24 places were paid with a min-cash of INR 13,683. Goonjan Mall (4th for INR 1.38 Lac), Ayush Garg (5th for INR 96,585), Arun Shankar (7th for INR 52,317) and Anshul Rana (8th for INR 40,244), all made final table finishes in the tournament. Sanish Chhabra (10th), Bharat Reddy (11th), Anish Patra (13th), Gaurav Sood (15th), Rubin Labroo (16th), and Ashish Ahuja (19th) finished ITM.

Top 5 Payouts

  1. NormanBates – INR 3,08,156
  2. RitamB – INR 2,97,654
  3. jimmyadams – INR 2,86,796
  4. gmtesting – INR 1,38,439
  5. lazyman – INR 96,585

Holdem High (Saturday)

The major tournament to take place on Saturday was the 5 Lac GTD Holdem High. The tournament drew 129unique entries and crowned a winner in Sasi Kiran aka ‘sasikiranx’ who defeated ‘dhallamit’ in heads-up to take home INR 1,60,583 in top prize. ‘dhallamit’ settled for INR 93,600 prizemoney.

Top 5 Payouts

  1.  sasikiranx – INR 160583
  2.  dhallamit – INR 93600
  3.  kasatankit – INR 70200
  4.  bossman_anmol- INR 50310
  5.  ImHighIshove – INR 35100

Sunday Majors

The biggest event to take place on this past Sunday was the 25 Lac GTD Mega Suits. It was Anish Patra aka ‘anishpatra’ who shipped the tournament after outlasting a 514-entry field. Patra took home  INR 4,88,377 following a heads-up deal with the recent Godfather XI winner – Uttam Kumar Sinha aka‘chinunew’ who banked INR 4,88,223 for his runner-up finish in the flagship tournament.

With a total of 514 entries, the tournament created INR 25 + Lac prizepool, which was eventually shared by the top 55 finishers with a min-cash being INR 11,565. The recent Godfather XI winner ‘xoredvoid’ (3rd for INR 2,44,150), Deepak Singh (4th for INR 1,92,750), Pranjal Gandhi (5th for 1,28,500), Rajat Sharma (9th for INR 38,550), young talent Neel Joshi (11th for INR 32,125), and Sumit Spara (20th for INR 19275) were some notable regs who finished deep in the flagship tournament.

The second major tournament on Sunday was the 15 Lac GTD Big Slick and it was won by Saket Kumar aka ‘saker’ who has already championed the tournament in August and September this year. The victory brought Kumar his third Big Slick win. He defeated Ujjwal Narwal aka ‘fourteenk’ in heads-up and banked a cool INR 2,11,433 for his win. Top 80 finishers were paid in last night’s Big Slick, with a min-cash of INR 6,291. Among some known regs, Anant Purohit (3rd for INR 1,95,523), Avitij Jaiswal (5th for INR 77,071), and Kapil Vasita (7th for INR 41,409) final-tabled the event.

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