Mid-Week Major: Newcomer Rajat Kumar Wins Adda52’s Maverick For INR 2.48 Lac

Yesterday being Wednesday, it was yet again time for Adda52’s 10 Lac GTD Maverick. Featuring an INR 2,500 buy-in, the popular tournament kicked off at 8pm and lasted close to eight hours. In the end, it was a newcomer in Rajat Kumar aka ‘rajatnara’ who topped a 428-strong field to win INR 2.48 Lac. The runner-up to finish in the tourney was ‘potkiller86’ who took home INR 1.5 Lac for his run.

Registered just last month on adda52.com, Rajat Kumar is off to a good start and has already won a tournament on the poker site. Last night, he scored his second victory by winning his first Maverick.

Online regular Vikram Batra (3rd for INR 1,05,000), Sumer Batra (4th for INR 80,000) and Sanish Chhabra (6th for INR 35,000) were some notables who made it to the final table in the tournament.

Top 43 were paid with a min-cash of INR 5,500 and notables among them were Sahil Mahboobani (11th for INR 12,500), Debayan Das (12th for INR 12,500), Gaurav Sood (16th for INR 10,000), Vinayak Bajaj (19th for INR 8,500), Prasad Patil (21st for INR 8,500), Sam Anand (28th for INR 6,500), Devang Yadav (31st for INR 6,500), Abhishek Garg (34th for INR 6,500) and Ragesh Mishra (37th for 5,500).

Top 10 Payouts (INR)

1 rajatnara 248000
2 potkiller86 150000
3 vikrambatra23 105000
4 dickhead123 80000
5 Vibhuiit17 52000
6 sanish21 35000
7 brbhavya 27500
8 MrGTO 22500
9 chirandh 16000
10 aj_kidpoker 12500


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