Monday-Tuesday Majors: Vaibhav Sharma Wins Adda52’s Goa Fest; Abhishek Garg Ships Hitman

After a power-packed Sunday on, Monday saw several high-value tournaments taking place on the platform. Headlining the action was the 8 Lac GTD Goa Fest, which was won by rising MTT player Vaibhav ‘alienrobot’ Sharma who eventually defeated poker phenom Gaurav Sood aka ‘gauravarod’ in heads-up to take home a good INR 2.22 Lac. Sood settled for INR 1.30 Lac prize.

Sharma is a very talented online player with plenty of cashes to his name. The online reg has already won several big tournaments on, including two Mega Suits and two Whale 6-Max events. This past Monday, he added one more win to his resume by taking down his first Goa Fest.

The flagship Monday tourney drew a field of 205 entries (115 unique and 90 re-entries) and paid out the top 21 places. Among notables who final-tabled the event included the likes of Abhishek Garg (4th for INR 72,000), Sanat Mehrotra (5th for INR 50,000) and Vikram Ved Batra (7th for INR 28,400). Others who finished deep were Vidwath Shetty (10th for INR 14800), Devang Yadav (12th for INR 12,800), Adda52 Team Pro Tarun Goyal (16th for INR 10K) and Jyoti Ranjan Nayak 18th for INR 7,200).

Another high-value event taking place on Monday was Adda52’s 2.5 Lac GTD Hexagram where it was online regular Sam ‘lokimon’ Anand who emerged victorious after defeating another regular ‘Aarchit’ in heads-up. Anand took home INR 70,625, while the runner-up Aarchit settled for INR 32,500. Top 15 places were paid out of 136 entries in total. Sumit Saurav (10th for INR 5,000), Utsav Taneja (14th for INR 3,750), and Ankit Agrawal (15th for INR 3,750) were notables who finished ITM.

Goa Fest Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 alienrobot 222400
2 gauravarod 130000
3 nishu271 98800
4 thegrinder 72000
5 mehro2511 50000
6 watzisname_1 34400
7 vikrambatra23 28400
8 kissy7 22000
9 noelpais 18000
10 phoenix66990 14800

 7.5 Lac GTD Hitman

Like Monday, Tuesday brought several high-value tourneys on The biggest among them was the 7.5 Lac GTD Hitman, which drew 222 entries in total and paid out top 24 places. Eventually, it was the well-known reg in Abhishek ‘thegrinder’ Garg who shipped the event after defeating another known MTT player Naren ‘imunagi’ Purohit heads-up to win INR 1.53 Lac.

Garg is again a very talented pro and has won more than a dozen of tournaments on, including Adda52 Millions, two Whale 6-Max events, Beast, and three Sunday Suits to name a few. Last night, he added another score to his already impressive resume by winning Hitman on the site.

Gaurav Sood (6th for INR 31,875), Manish Lakhotia (8th for INR 18,750), Vishwanath Borhade (10th for INR 13,125), Ritam Bhattacharya (11th for INR 13125), poker phenom Shravan Chhabria (15th for INR 9,375), Vidwath Shetty (18th for INR 8250), and the recent back-to-back Mega Suits winner Rubin Labroo (20th for INR 6,375) were some of the notable players who finished deep in the tournament.

Another major tourney to take place on Tuesday was the 2.5 Lac GTD Hexagram, which registered 79 unique runners and that along with the 61 re-entries took the prizepool to INR 2.54 Lac. Topping the field this time was ‘bigslik33’ who defeated ‘ChupaRustam2901’ in the heads-up to win INR 57,817.

Hitman Top 10 Payouts (INR):

1 thegrinder 153605
2 IMUNAGI 133227
3 Aarchit 129043
4 rajatnara 64500
5 autobot93 45000
6 gauravarod 31875
7 1299sanjay 24375
8 newkidpoker 18750
9 BillyWalsh 15000
10 vish4u2 13125