Philip Shing Tops A Strong Field of 524 Entries To Win 2020 WSOPC Potawatomi Main Event

Philip Shing has topped a field of 524 entries to win the 2020 WSOPC Potawatomi 1,700 NLH Main Event. For his grand victory, the 35-year-old pro secured his second WSOPC gold ring and $151,284. He won his first ring in 2015 by shipping a $580 buy-in NLH event at the WSOP Circuit Foxwoods series. In addition to the top prize, he also won a seat into the 2020 Global Casino Championship.

“Honestly it hasn’t really kicked yet but I think it feels really good,” said Shing of his latest victory. The finance worker doesn’t always have time for big live tournaments. “I only play three events a year due to work, but I actually had a month off of work so I came here.”

The final day began with eight players returning to the felts. Shing (2,930,000 ) was third in chips when play resumed, with James Pupillo sitting atop with 3,365,000 chips. Shing overtook the lead by scoring the first knockout of the day. He called Marcus Yofons shove with pocket kings which beat Yofon‘s Ad Kd. Yofon hit the rail in 8th place, while Shing grew his stack to 4,800,000.

Next to hit the rail was Mike Hartzheim whose Kd Jd failed to beat pocket aces of Cero Zuccarello on a board of J636A. Zuccarello scored his second knockout by busting Chris Roth in 6th place.This time he picked up pocket kings, which beat 9c 7c of Roth. His hot run, however, ended in 5th place when he shoved with Qc 5s and John Gallaher who was dealt Kd Kc called and won the pot.

The eventual champ Philip Shing scored his first knockout during 4-handed play when his As 8c beat out Ah Jc of James Pupillo (4th place). Continuing his momentum, Shing scored another elimination by calling the three-bet all-in of John Gallaher with Ah Jd. Gallaher was in bad shape with Qc Js and the board ran out Kd 9s 6h Jc 9c, giving the pot to Shing and knocking out Galler in the 3rd place.

After busting John Gallaher in 3rd place, Shing took the massive chip lead against Kenneth Donarski and eventually went on to ship the title. The last hand of the tournament saw Shing with Ah Jd and Donarski with Jc 8h. The board ran out Kd 6s 4s 7s 2s, giving the pot as well as the title to Shing.   

Final Table Payouts

1Philip Shing$151,284
2Ken Donarski$93,498
3John Gallaher$68,947
4James Pupillo$51,484
5Cero Zuccarello$38,937
6Chris Roth$29,829
7Michael Hartzheim$23,152
8Marcus Yofon$18,209
9Fadi Hamad$14,514