AOPS Day 4-6: Sumer Batra, Vatsal Srivastava & Vinayak Bajaj Win Marquee Events!

The Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) is currently underway on India’s no. 1 poker site – and yesterday (Day 6) saw several high-value AOPS events taking place on the platform. The most prominent among them all was the 15 Lac GTD AOPS Maverick, which attracted 684 entries (336 unique and 348 re-entries), surpassing its specified prizepool and generating 15.56 lac prizepool, which was shared by top 72 finishers. The lion’s share went to Sumer ‘dickhead123’ Batra who finally defeated ‘allinbluff’ (runner-up for INR 2.41 Lac) to bank INR 2.58 Lac in top prize.

Total Entries – 684

Prize Pool – INR 15,56,093

Places Paid – 72

The final table of the event featured several notables like Prashant Jain Bhutoria (4th for INR 1.08 Lac), Ayan Ray (5th for INR 77,805), and the well-known reg in Vidwath Shetty (8th for INR 31,122).

Other notables who ran deep included the likes of Kapil Chaudhary (11th), Suresh Kolli (12th), Siddharth Kadel (13th), Aditya Kulkarni (14th), Rubin Labroo (19th ), Deepak Singh (20th), Ranjeet Negi (21st ), Sanat Mehrotra (22nd), Vishwanath Borhade (23rd), and Ragesh Mishra (25th).

Like Tuesday, a total of 4 winners were declared yesterday. While Sumer Batra emerged as the biggest winner, other players who came out on top included ‘Parky90’ (AOPS Warm-Up), ‘fitzmagic’ (AOPS Knockout), and Prasad Patil aka ‘Goodmanji’ who shipped AOPS Siesta.

12.5 Lac GTD AOPS Hitman (Day 5)

While Tuesday saw several high-value AOPS events taking place on, the day was highlighted by the 12.5 Lac GTD AOPS Hitman that drew a total of 385 entries. Coming out on top of the field in the marquee event was Vatsal ‘pivs’ Srivastava, who earned INR 3.10 Lac after defeating Gagandeep ‘gaganhyd’ Malik (runner-up for INR 1.87 Lac) in heads-up.

Total Entries – 385

Prize Pool – INR 12,50,000

Places Paid – 43

The final table had several notable players, including Ankit Wadhawan (4th for INR 1 Lac), Vinayak Bajaj (5th for INR 65,000), and Deepak Singh (7th for INR 34,375).

Others who ran deep included the likes of Kamal Naruka (10th), Vinay BK (12th), Ujjwal Rana (14th), Abhishek Garg (16th), Naren Purohit (17th), and Vaibhav Sharma (18th).

Tuesday saw a total of 4 AOPS winners, with Vatsal ‘pivs’ Srivastava emerging as the biggest winner. Other winners on the day included the likes of Bhanu Akkina aka ‘flopfloat’ (AOPS Warm-Up), ‘ashug62’ (AOPS Win The Button), and Mihir Thakkar aka ‘gameofdeath’ who shipped AOPS Siesta.

15 Lac GTD Inception (Day 4)

The action on Day 4 (Monday) was headlined by the 15 Lac GTD AOPS Inception where a total of 396 entries were registered. In the end, it was Vinayak ‘bhai_on_mary_jane’ Bajaj who came out on top of the field to earn INR 3.72 Lac in the first place prizemoney. He defeated ‘ankitag182000’ in heads-up who walked away with a cool INR 2,25,000 for his runner-up finish in the event.  Bajaj has been in terrific form over the last few days and has already won several online titles. He started off in style by winning the 25 Lac GTD AOPS Whale on 6th March 2020 for INR 5.34 Lac prizemoney and this past Monday he added another AOPS win by taking down the AOPS Inception on

Total Entries – 396

Guaranteed Prizepool – 15 Lac

Places Paid – 43

Top 43 finishers made money in the Inception tourney on Online regs like ‘jk307’ (3rd for INR 157500), ‘tenduo’ (4th for INR 1,20,000), ‘shambooshankar’ (5th for INR 78,000), Rahul Mech aka ‘lucky_bastered’ were among the final table finishers of the flagship Monday tournament.

A total of 4 winners were crowned on Monday. While Bajaj was the biggest winner, there were three more players who emerged victorious, namely Ajay Kumar aka ‘Ajay1969’ (AOPS Warm-Up), Kanti Rathore aka ‘IMSHAKTIMAN’ (AOPS Knockout), and ‘saahib’ who won the AOPS Siesta.

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