AOPS Day 7: Peushup Eugene, Tanmai Relwani & Aashvin Prasad Win Big!

We are just three days away to mark the end of Adda52’s flagship online tournament series – 6 Crore GTD Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) as the fiesta will be concluding this coming Sunday with the 2 Crore GTD AOPS Main Event Finale kicking off at 10 PM. Over 28 tournaments of the series have been completed so far, and almost each tournament has turned out to be huge success with a surge of players. Yesterday saw Day 7 of the AOPS and it was truly action-packed with as many as 6 exciting tournaments taking place. While there were a total of 6 winners crowned yesterday, the biggest winner to emerge was a notable online regular in Peushup Eugene who outlasted 702 entries in the AOPS 30 Lac GTD Godfather to win INR 5.71 Lac. Here is a summary of Day 7:

30 Lac GTD AOPS Godfather

The biggest-guaranteed tournament on yesterday’s AOPS schedule was the 30 Lac GTD Godfather sporting a buy-in of INR 5.5k. Kicking off at 8pm last night, the flagship tournament logged in a total of 702 entries (337 unique and 365 re-entries) to easily crush its guarantee and generate INR 35 Lac + prizepool. In the end, the lion’s share of the prizepool went to Peushup Eugene aka Peushup ‘peushup’ Eugene who defeated Ayush ‘lazyman’ Garg in heads-up to win INR 5.71 Lac.

Total Entries – 702

Prizepool – 35 + Lac

Places Paid – 72

Top 72 finishers were paid out in last night’s Godfather tournament with a min-cash of INR 12,285. The final table was star-studded and it had the likes of Sumit Saurav (3rd for INR 4,95,941), Vivek Singh (4th for INR 2,45,700), Naren Purohit (6th for INR 1,22,850), and ‘selffish’ (8th for INR 70,200).

Others who ran deep included the likes of Sandeep Varma, Jyoti Ranjan Nayak (10th) , Sumit Sapra (13th ), Goonjan Mall (16th ), Gaurav Bhandari (18th), Shardul Parthasarathi (20th ), Ankur Sehgal (22nd for INR 21,060), Vishwanath Borhade (23rd), and Bhola Sharma (24th) to name a few.

25 Lac AOPS Freeze Finale

The second biggest-guarantee tournament on the AOPS schedule was the 25 Lac GTD AOPS Freeze sporting INR 5500 buy-in. This was a multi-flight event that drew a total of 326 players. Coming out on top of the field was a popular pro in Tanmai Relwani aka ‘pooltime741’ who eventually defeated Ankit ‘d00mtr00p3r’ Wadhawan (runner-up for INR 3,44,216) to bank 5.33 Lac in top prize.

Post his AOPS Freeze Finale win, we caught-up with Relwani who said, “It was a great experience. I started with a little more than average stack on Day 2 and worked my way up from there. The field was nice, specially the heads up , which lasted around 45 mins, he ( d00mtr00p3r ) played really really well.”

Total Entries – 326

Guaranteed Prizepool – 25 Lac

Places Paid – 49

Relwani outlasted a strong final table that had the likes of Mihir Thakkar (3rd for INR 2.52 Lac),  Naresh Veeravalli (4th for INR 1.84 Lac), and Devvrat Arya (5th for INR 1.35 Lac), Sanish Chhabra (6th for INR 99,367), Deepak Singh (7th for INR 72,836), and Vikram Mishra (8th for INR 53,388).

Top 49 got paid out and among them who finished ITM were Sajal Gupta (11th ), Haider Madraswala (15th), Rajat Sharma (20th), Pranav Desai (22nd), Sumit Saurav (23rd ), Siddarth Singhvi (24th ), Abhinav Iyer (25th ), Laksh Pal Singh (26th), Ragesh Mishra (27th ), Myron Pereira (28th), Sahil Chuttani (29th), Anujkumar Kodam (30th), Sriharsha Doddapaneni (32nd), Pranjal Gandhi (36th ), Anurag Srivastava (37th), Gagandeep Malik (38th), Avinash Tauro (39th), and Faiz Alam (49th) to name a few.

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12.5 Lac GTD PLO High Roller

The other marquee event on Thursday’s AOPS schedule was the 12.5 Lac GTD PLO High Roller with INR 11K buy-in. The high roller tourney drew 119 entries and coming out on top was Aashvin Prasad aka ‘aashvinprasad’ who eventually outlasted ‘xoredvoid’ to bank INR 3.07 Lac prize.

Total Entries – 119

Prizepool – 12.5 Lac

Places Paid -13

The final table of the high roller tournament featured some big names, including Akshay Nasa (3rd for INR 1.62 Lac), Sumit Sapra ( 4th for INR 1.25 Lac), and Siddarth Singhvi (6th for INR 62500).

Top 13 finishers made money in the tournament and some notables among them included Saurabh Arora (7th place) Gaurav Sood (9th place), Kartik Ved (11th place), and Abhinav Iyer (12th place).  

Other Winners From AOPS Day 7!

Day 7 of the ongoing AOPS on Adda52 saw a total of six winners. The other winners on the day included ‘ganu12’ (AOPS Warm-Up), ‘seven2222’ (AOPS Win The Button), and ‘chirandh’ (AOPS Siesta).  

AOPS Day 8 is going to be bigger with as many as 5 tournaments taking place today, including the 2 Crore GTD AOPS Main Event and the 35 Lac GTD Holdem High Roller. Here is a look at the schedule: