Coronavirus Continues To Affect The Poker World! Will 2020 WSOP Happen?

With the world’s most prestigious and richest poker festival – WSOP 2020 is a little more than two months away, poker players all around the world are curious to know if the series will happen, as the deadly Coronavirus spread has forced most of the poker brands to cancel or postpone their events.

The WSOP is almost every poker player’s dream and attracts hundreds of thousands of players from across the globe. However, the poker world, after the Coronavirus outbreak, is in the doldrums. Many poker fanatics are speculating that the 2020 WSOP might have some change in its schedule, while others are concerned that the series won’t take place due to the threat of Coronavirus. This is because of the fact that the current global crisis has led to the shutdown of schools and businesses including restaurants, retail stores, and even casinos. More than 2 Lac cases of Coronavirus and 9,000 + deaths have been reported worldwide, and most casinos in the United States have been closed.

While there are several speculations going on regarding the 51st edition of the longest-running poker series in Las Vegas, Daniel Riolo and Steven Liardeaux interviewed Gregory Chochon, director of the WSOP who updated on the status of the series on a French radio show called ‘RMC Poker Show’, stating that it is too early for them to make a decision as they are still studying all scenarios.

“It’s too early to make a decision, there can still be a lot going on by the end of May,” said Chochon. “Maintaining, canceling or postponing is really too early to make a final decision. We are going to take the time but we are studying all the scenarios,” he added on the status of the 2020 WSOP.

When asked by the hosts about whether the WSOP event will receive a green signal from the authorities, Chochon replied, “It’s never too late. There are always scenarios where we can shift the event slightly and find solutions. We will be able to react quickly. I cross my fingers like everyone else so that the crisis is over but we will be able to react at the last moment.” Chochon still thinks and expects the 101-event series to run as planned, hoping that the Coronavirus would fade away soon.

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