Poker Sports League Cancels Offline Qualifiers Due To COVID-19

Considering the growing threat of the Coronavirus (COVID -19) in the country, India’s premier poker competition, Poker Sports League (PSL) has announced the cancellation of its country-wide offline qualifiers. However, the league continues with its online qualifiers on their app #Hashtag Poker. Players can also take part in PSL online qualifiers running on India’s no.1 poker site –

The online participation has been massive for PSL Season 3. It is said to have increased around 50% compared to Season 2, mostly because people have been staying at home due to the Coronavirus  outbreak, which has eventually forced the league to cancel their offline qualifier matches.

Poker Sports League has put up a bigger prizepool of 4 Crore prizemoney and is gearing up for a scintillating season 3 with the best poker minds from the country to be battling it out for supremacy at the felts. The league will have 6 teams, competing against each other over 8 days in the PSL Finale to win the coveted title and take home the lion’s share from 4 Crore prizepool, the biggest ever in a poker league in India. Each team will have 13 players and completion of the qualifier matches will lead to player drafting and eventually a selection ceremony wherein the final teams will be formed.

PSL is an ideal platform for both amateur and professional players as it provides opportunities to showcase their skills and win big. The league aims to make poker a popular sport in the country and has upped the ante for its Season 3. However, the schedule of the finale and broadcast on television is likely to get postponed due to the COVID-19. This is not the first time that a live poker event has been cancelled or postponed, as several events in the country have already been cancelled or postponed, including both DPT Xpress March 2020 and DPT April edition (April 22-27, 2020).