After A Hat-trick Of Wins On Tuesday, Nishant Sharma Wins Maverick On AOPS Day 7!

The WSOP 2018 Main Event best Indian finisher Nishant Sharma, who plays on under ‘DoJingBULLETS’, seems to be unstoppable! The Mumbai pro has been killing it online these past few days. Just a day after he picked up a hat-trick for winning three marquee tourneys across three different poker sites, the poker phenom continued his momentum and went on to win the 15 Lac GTD AOPS Maverick for INR 4.80 Lac, thus adding one more win to his already impressive resume.

Yesterday was Day 7 of the Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) and it saw a total of six tournaments, each drawing impressive turnout and wrapping up successfully. More than 2300 entries registered and over 41+Lac given away in prizepools. While the biggest winner was Nishant Sharma, there were several other winners who earned quite well. Here is a quick summary of the AOPS Day 7 events:

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15 Lac GTD AOPS Maverick

The Wednesday headliner on Adda52, the 15 Lac GTD AOPS Maverick drew 956 entries, generating a massive prize pool of 21.74 Lac, which was shared by top 103 finishers. Taking the lion’s share was well-known pro Nishant Sharma aka ‘DoJingBULLETS’ who eventually defeated Aman Bhadu aka ‘zontory’ (runner-up for INR 2.82 Lac) to walk away with INR 4.80 Lac in top prizemoney.

Giving the due company on the final table were Sumit Saurav (3rd for INR 184867), Piyush Verma (4th for INR 139194), Santosh Adapaka (6th for INR 65247) and Vatsal Srivastava (7th for INR 52198).

Sharma is one of the top crushers and has plenty of big scores to his name. He has won several marquee events on, including Millions Main Event, several Adda52 Millions tourneys, Sunday Suits, Godfather 2.0, multiple Whale 6-Max tourneys, etc. Last night, he added one more win.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


5 Lac GTD AOPS Falcon

The second biggest tourney on yesterday’s AOPS schedule, the 5 Lac GTD AOPS Falcon attracted 229 entry-field that included 127 unique players. Topping the field last night was the online regular ‘jimmyadams’ who walked away with INR 1.37 Lac plus prizes for the bounties he scored. He outlasted Dhaval Dhoshi aka ‘doshidhaval72’ in the heads-up who eventually settled for INR 80K.

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Top 24 were paid out in last night’s Falcon. Some notables regs to finish deep were Banmanlang Lyndem (3rd for INR 60K), Deepak Singh (5th for INR 30K), and Meherzad Munsaf (16th for INR 6250).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


Note: The above payout list does not include bounty amounts

4 Lac GTD AOPS Moonlight

The third biggest tourney on the AOPS schedule was the 4 Lac GTD AOPS Moonlight that pulled in a total of 323 entries and generated INR 4.84 Lac prizepool, which got distributed among top 34 finishers. Walking way with the lion’s share was ‘007.devashish’ who defeated online regular Vinay B. aka ‘ContemporisT’ (runner-up for INR 73402) to ship the tourney for INR 1,21,125 in top prize.

Some notables to run deep in the tourney were Devrat Singh (3rd for INR 53295), Nitin Arora (6th for INR 18169), ‘chirandh’ (11th for INR 7268), and veteran pro Siddarth Singhvi (15th for INR 5330).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


3 Lac GTD AOPS Warm-Up

Adda52’s AOPS Warm Up drew 397 entries in total, collecting a prizepool worth INR 4.51 Lac, which was distributed among top 43 finishers. Coming out on top of the field was ‘sonofmars1’ who walked away with INR 1.12 Lac prize, after outlasting ‘Hell12’ in heads-up who earned INR 67,768.

Among notable FT finishers in the tourney were Siddarth Singhvi (5th for INR 23,493), Priya Ranjan Das (7th for INR 12,424), Ravinder Singh (10th for INR 5,647), and Deepak Singh (18th for INR 3,840).

Other Winners

Carlo3004’ won the 1.5 Lac GTD AOPS Siesta for INR 54,104, after defeating ‘Alcadeius10’ in heads-up who banked INR 31536 for his run. The tournament attracted a total of 219 entries and created INR 1.97 Lac in prizepool. Top 24 made money and among them Srihari Bang (5th for INR 11,826), Deepak Singh (6th for INR 8,377) and ‘RitamB’ (7th for INR 6,406 were notable FT finishers.

The AOPS Day 7 concluded with the 1.5 Lac GTD AOPS 11th HR DST that logged in a total of 245 entries and generated INR 1.96 Lac prizepool, which was shared by top 27 finishers. Taking the lion’s share was ‘nike_adidas’ who defeated ‘Kabi143’(won INR 30,380) in heads-up to bank INR 50,960.

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