Mithun Mahesh Ships His First Maverick; Naresh Veeravalli Scores His Second Hexagram Win!

With the lockdown getting extended till May 3, the online action has picked up a fever pitch and guarantees across all major tournaments continue to be crushed. has been pulling in a huge tournament crowd especially after the lockdown. Wednesday saw India’s no. 1 poker site hosting several high-value tourneys and headlining them all was the 10 Lac GTD Maverick, which once again enjoyed an eventful run, attracting 718 entries and resulting in a guarantee-crushing INR 16.33 Lac prizepool. The lion’s share went to notable online reg Mithun Mahesh aka ‘Themiths’ who defeated ‘arrowheadd88’ (2nd for INR 2.16 Lac) in heads-up to ship it for INR 3.75 Lac prize.

Mahesh had to face tough competition on the final table that featured solid players like Saurabh Arora (3rd for INR 1,47,011), Suresh Kolli (4th for INR 1,14,342), Ayush Garg (5th for INR 81,673), Shashank Desai (6th for INR 57,171), Ritesh Tripathi (7th for INR 44,920) and Sushant Singh (8th for INR 32,669). Top 72 finishers were paid out with Myron Pereira (9th), Rishab Malik (11th), Arjanveer Singh Chadha (13th), and last night’s Hexagram winner Naresh Veeravalli (16th) being deep finishers.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


4 Lac GTD Falcon

Another major tourney on the Wednesday schedule, the 4 Lac GTD Falcon drew 154 entries and collected INR 4.15 Lac in total prizepool. In the end, it was ‘mannu425’ who took down the event for INR 1.20 Lac prize. Other notables to finish on the final table included Rishabh Baj (runner-up for INR 68,000), Rishi Mundhra (3rd for INR 50,000), and Devrat Singh who finished 5th for INR 28,000.

Top 15 places were paid out in last night’s Falcon tourney with a min-cash of INR 7,000, and some notables to make ITM finishes were Ritesh Tripathi (9th), Vinay BK (11th) and Prashanth Sekar (13th).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


Note: The above payouts do not include bounty prizes.

2.5 Lac GTD Hexagram

Another key event on Adda52’s Wednesday schedule, the 2.5 Lac GTD Hexagram was taken down by the in-form player Naresh Veervalli who defeated ‘mohit270884’ (runner-up for INR 53,280) to win another Hexagram tourney for INR 81,360. A well-known cash game reg, Veeravalli has been killing it online of late and has already won several big tourneys including Adda52 Millions, Hexagram, and AOPS Godfather. Last night, he added one more win to his resume by shipping his 2nd Hexagram.

The event pulled in a total of 144 entries and generated INR 2.88 Lac prizepool, which was shared by top 15 finishers. Amit Kumar (6th), Anmol Mehta (9th), Tuesday’s Hitman winner Devrat Singh (11th), Deepak Singh (14th) and Pranav Khandalkar (15th) were among the notable ITM finishers.