Poker Vlogger Marle Cordeiro Sues Mike Postle For Cheating Her On Stones Live Streams

Holding over $536,542 in live earnings, Mike Postle has been known as one of the best poker players in the world. He played some top-notch poker and reached the point where it made him a poker god because he was cheating his opponents and knew what what cards they were holding. While he has already been sued by several players, the popular poker vlogger Marle Cordeiro is the latest to join the growing list of players suing Postle. Cordeiro claims that the Northern California poker pro used his cell phone to cheat her, and many other players, in cash games at Stones Gambling Hall.

As per the claim made by Cordeiro, there was a series of games on the Stones Live Poker broadcast beginning in 2018 and Postle won more money than any other player. He was the winningest player on the show on any night he competed ..because he cheated others using his cell phone.

In her allegation, Cordeiro claims Postle was consistently making the right moves “by engaging in a pattern and practice of using one or more wire communication mechanisms to defraud his opponents by gaining knowledge of their Hole Cards during the play of poker hands.”

Only an individual player can see hole cards and the cards are unknown to other players at the table, but for the purposes of television, cameras are able to show the hole cards to the viewing public.

In the suit, Cordeiro claims Postle was somehow got this camera feed to his cell phone, so he could view hole cards. Cordeiro’s attorney argues that Postle was aided by one or more individuals in this scam. But the names of those who aided weren’t mentioned. The lawsuit, however, states that the accused cheater regularly looked down between his legs at his cell phone during gameplay and he won over 94% of the games while playing in the Stones Live Poker games – an unheard statistic.

Cordeiro also claims during one no-limit hold ’em hand she clashed with Postle in a September 2019 game. She believes that she would have profited thousands of dollars against him, had he been playing legit poker. She claims that he folded instead, because he could somehow view her cards.

She is suing Postle for her lost winnings and some other unspecified damages. Representing the vlogger in court is Mac VerStandig of the VerStandig Law Firm, which specializes in poker law.

Several players have filed cases against Postle. Last year in September, he was accused by Veronica Brill of cheating during Stones Live streams. The poker community then began investigating the claims and many reached the conclusion that he is guilty on the basis that he always seemed to make the correct moves on the river. And also he won at an unheard rate in the poker world.