Sanat Mehrotra Wins Adda52’s Hitman; Manas Nayak Ships Maverick

Yesterday being Wednesday, it was yet again time for Adda52’s 10 Lac GTD Maverick that fared really well, registering 707 entries and generating INR 16.08 Lac prizepool, which got distributed among the top 72 finishers. In the end, coming out on top was Manas ‘manashnayak’ Nayak who defeated ‘PK786’ (runner-up for INR 2.13 Lac) in the heads-up and walked away with INR 3.69 Lac in top prize.

The final table was full of notables like veteran pro Raman Gujral (3rd for INR 1.44 Lac), Jyoti Ranjan Nayak (5th for INR 80,421), Rohit Mishra (6th for INR 56,295), and Anish Suri (8th for INR 321,69).

Others who ran deep included Sushant Singh (11th), Aman Kejriwal (12th), Vaibhav Sharma (14th), Sagar Choudhury (17th), Naresh Veeravalli (23rd) and Tuesday’s Hitman winner Sanat Mehrotra (24th).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


3 Lac GTD Hexagram

Another major tourney to conclude last night on was the 3 Lac GTD Hexagram that logged in a total of 153 entries (80 unique & 73 re-entries) and created INR 3.06 Lac in prizepool. Banking the lion’s share of the prizepool was ‘InchWorm’ who shipped the event for INR 86,445.

Top 15 places were paid out in the tourney. Ashutosh Balodhi (3rd for INR 39780), Kapil Chaudhary (4th for INR 29,070) and Aman Parakh (8th for INR 8415) were notables who final-tabled the event.

7.5 Lac GTD Hitman (Tuesday)

Tuesday’s flagship tourney – the 7.5 Lac GTD also did pretty well, drawing in a total of 314 entries 174 unique and 140 re-entries) and generating a prize pool of INR 10.04 Lac, which was shared by top 34 finishers. It was a notable reg in Sanat ‘mehro2511’ Mehrotra who shipped the tourney for INR 2.51 Lac (bounties extra). ‘4AcesClub’ finished runner-up and walked away with INR 1.52 Lac.

It was a strong final table with big names like Siddarth Singhvi (3rd for INR 1.10 Lac), Monish Kumar (4th for INR 83,901), Anirban Das (5th for INR 57,776), and Sagar Choudhury (8th for INR 25,120 ).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


3 Lac GTD Hexagram

Adda52’s Hexagram drew 180 entries (105 unique and 75 re-entries), collecting a guarantee-crushing INR 3.60 Lac in the prize pool. In the end, unknown user ‘amit15893′ came out on top after defeating ‘InchWorm’ (runner-up for INR 60,480) in the heads-up to win INR 99,900 in the top prizmeoney.

Banmanlang Lyndem (3rd for INR 45,900), Rahul Majgaonkar (5th for INR 22,500), and Ankit Modi (9th for INR 8,100) were the notables regs who ended their run on the final table of the event.