AOPS Day 8: Jairam Parab Scores Fourth Win At The Series; Munot & Sharma Among Other Big Winners!

Day 8 of the Adda52 Online Poker Series (AOPS) was yet another day of intense poker action on Hundreds of the game’s elite grinders took to the virtual felts in an attempt to win big paydays in the 22 Crore guarantee festival. The day gathered a total of 2720 entries across 9 events and paid out a hefty INR 38.9 Lac in prizemoney. The star of the day was Jairam Parab who won the the 15 Lac GTD AOPS Inception and walked away with INR 4.09 Lac. Let us dive into the top results!

15 Lac GTD AOPS Inception With 3500 Buy-in

Headlining the list of AOPS tournaments yesterday was the 15 Lac GTD AOPS Inception featuring a buy-in of INR 3500. The event did reasonably well, pulling in a total of 533 entries and resulting in a prizepool of INR 17.05 Lac that was shared by the top 55 players with a min-cash of INR 7,675.

Banking the lion’s share of the prizepool was Jairam Parab aka ‘Keyser_Soze’ who shipped the tourney for INR 4.09 Lac. The runner-up ‘GigaaBet’ added INR 2.39 Lac to his bankroll, while the well-known pro Ashish Munot aka ‘ragspoker’ banked INR 1.62 Lac prize for his third place finish.

Parab has been crushing it at the ongoing AOPS series. He has already won four tournaments which include winning the AOPS Moonlight, AOPS Siesta, AOPS Dusk and the AOPS Inception last night.

Also at the FT were Arsh Grover (4th for INR 1.28 Lac) and Sagar Choudhury (8th for INR 34,112 ).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


5 Lac GTD AOPS Table for 6 With 2750 Buy-in

The second biggest tourney on the Monday slate, the 5 Lac GTD AOPS Table for 6 sporting a buy-in of INR 2750 was a grand success, pulling in 273 entries and generating INR 6.82 Lac prizepool.

While top 27 players got paid out with a min-cash of INR 6143, it was online reg ‘KA21’ who topped the field to bank the most significant share of the prizepool. He defeated ‘punter02’ (runner-up for INR 1.05 Lac) in the heads-up battle and walked away with the top prize of INR 1.77 Lac for his win.

Others to finish deep were Priya Ranjan Das (5th for INR 39244), Sumit Sapra (6th for INR 29006), last night’s AOPS Inception runner-up ‘GigaaBet’ (7th for INR 22,181) and Sanat Mehrotra (9th for INR 13650).

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


4 Lac GTD AOPS Brunch With 1250 Buy-in

Featuring INR 1250 buy-in, the AOPS Brunch was the second tourney on yesterday’s AOPS schedule. The high-value tourney attracted a total field of 320 entries. After several hour of intense fights, coming out on top of the field was a notable online reg in Kunal Sharma aka ‘cvc’ who eventually outlasted ‘daredevilisback’ (runner-up for INR 60,600) in the heads-up to bank INR 1 Lac for his win.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


Results From Other Events On AOPS Day 8

There were a total of 9 tournaments on the AOPS schedule yesterday on Here is a quick look at the results from other high-value online tournaments that wrapped up on Monday.

3 Lac GTD AOPS Siesta With 1100 Buy-in

  • Total Entries – 255
  • Total Prizepool – 3,00,000
  • Winner – ‘rockeritza’ (INR 97,8000)
  • Runner-up -’hemant0606’(INR 46,500)

2.5 Lac GTD AOPS Dusk With 1100 Buy-in

  • Total Entries -206
  • Total Prizepool – 2,50,000
  • Winner – ‘kutkut69A’(INR 50,658)
  • Runner-up – ‘DADDY5050’ (INR48013)

2.5 Lac GTD AOPS AfterParty PLO With 880 Buy-in

  • Total Entries -306
  • Total Prizepool – 2,50,0000
  • Winner – ‘supee’ (INR 49533)
  • Runner-up – Pratibh Saluja aka ‘MrGTO’ (INR 42197)

1.5 Lac GTD AOPS Wake-Up Call With 660 Buy-in

  • Total Entries – 256
  • Total Prizepool -1,53,598
  • Winner – ‘papakratos’ (INR 31,222)
  • Runner-up – ‘supee’ (INR 26,789)

1 Lac GTD AOPS Byte With 350 Buy-in

  • Total Entries – 290
  • Total Prizepool – 1,00,000
  • Winner – ‘gongo’ (INR 28,000)
  • Runner-up – ‘mrprincertk’ (INR 17,500)

1 Lac GTD AOPS Punch With 550 Buy-in

  • Total Entries -281
  • Total Prizepool – 1,40,505
  • Winner – ‘Warning87’ (INR 32,910)
  • Runner-up – ‘pokerme8’ (INR 24,484)