GGPoker To Use Players’ Real Names At Upcoming WSOP Online Final Tables

Due to the Covid-19 spread, the live WSOP in Las Vegas has already been postponed. Happening in its place is the World Series of Poker Online, a multi-platform series to be held on both in the US and the GGPoker internationally. The series begins on July 1 and will run until September 6. There are a total of 85 bracelets events, with 31 events are set to be won on, while the remaining 54 bracelets will be given away in the international version of the series kicking off on GGPoker from July 20. Players from India will also be able to compete and chase WSOP glory.

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While the schedule for GGPoker’s side of things is yet to be announced, the network has said that players’ real names will be used at final tables. In fact, the network has already switched to a real names system. It has already implemented this system in a few high stakes cash games. Going forward, this real name system is going to be rolled out to more high stake games in the future.

“We think it’s [real names] a good thing for online poker,” said GGPoker Network’s Jean-Christophe Antoine. “We don’t know yet if it’s good to do it for everyone [in] every format, every game type, et cetera, so what we’re doing is we are trailing it. We’re starting testing the waters, starting step-by-step.”

Real Name System Could Work Great

There maybe multiple reasons behind requiring players to use their real names. It will work to reduce toxicity at the tables and players will generally be nicer to each other if their real name is on display. It will also help to crack down on the players who create multiple accounts to hide their identity and target weaker players to profit on the site. Multi-accounting is a serious issue and real name system could work greatly to stop multi-accounting and ensure fair games for poker players.  

For the World Series of Poker specifically, it is believed that having players use their real names can give reaching a final table or winning an online bracelet more prestige and fame. It will help players make a name for themselves in the poker world, just as it does in the traditional WSOP. It could also be a great way to deal with multi-accounting that has been a series issue and need to be addressed.

Certain Drawbacks of Real Name System 

On the flip side, it is against the players who don’t want any attention, even if it is positive, and want to hide their real names because they don’t want the world knowing that they have won a bunch of money. There maybe even people who would like to hide their poker hobby from their employers.

Anonymity can also work well for women, in particular, who, even today, are often treated differently at the tables in the game of poker that has long been dominated by men. Of course, women are betting big and could certainly take advantage of a male player underestimating them but real name system may not go well with many women as they don’t want to reveal their real names.