Tuesday Majors: Ankit Modi Denies Kunal Chaudhary Hitman Win; Myron Pereira Runner-Up In Hexagram!

Poker tournaments on adda52.com continue to witness a spike in turnout and prize pool. Yesterday was no different as all major tournaments on the slate went on to draw players in big numbers and thereby crush their respective guarantees. The MTT players turned out in full force for the Tuesday headline tourney – the INR 7.5 Lac GTD Hitman that pulled in an impressive field of 268 entries and generated a guarantee-crushing prize pool worth INR 8.57 Lac, which was shared by top 27 finishers.

The lion’s share went to AOPS Falcon winner Ankit Modi aka ‘ankitmodi’ who scored an outright victory to win INR 2.22 Lac. The runner-up Kunal Chaudhary ‘Charsilaladka’ banked INR 1.32 Lac. The final podium spot went to Rony Chowdhury aka ‘fish4life’ who finished third for INR 99,910. Parikshit Dhall (6th for INR 36,448 ) and Naren Purohit (7th for INR 27,872) were other FT finishers.

Gaurav Sood (10th), Gagandeep Malik (18th), Honey Bijlani (19th), Guneet Kwatra (20th), Uday Moola (23rd), Manish Lakhotia (24th), Vishal Kumar (26th) and Ayush Garg (27th) were notable ITM finishers.

Top 10 Payouts (INR):


3 Lac GTD Hexagram

The other major tourney on the slate was the Hexagram sporting a buy-in of INR 2200. Given the impressive turnout for the tourney, Adda52 recently increased its prizepool guarantee to INR 3 Lac. The tournament did pretty well last night, drawing in an impressive field of 172 entries to create INR 3.44 Lac in prize pool. Topping the field last night was ‘runrabbitrun’ who beat out the well-known pro Myron Pereira aka ‘zzzzz369’ in HU who pocketed INR 60,200 for his runner-up finish. The bottom spot on the podium belonged to ‘RickyRPG1997’ who finished third for INR 44,720 prize.

Top 17 awarded with prizemoney, with Goonjan Mall (6th for INR 15480) and Amit Kumar (12th for INR 6020) and recent Adda52 Millions winner ‘pokraj’ (17th for INR 4300) being ITM finishers.