2020 WSOP Online: Andy Hun Wei Lee Wins Event #37 for $162K

On Thursday, Malaysia-born Andy Hun Wei Lee bested a field of 971 entries to win World Series of Poker Online Event #37 ($1,050 Bounty Pot Limit Omaha) to collect his first-ever WSOP bracelet and  $161,886 in top prize. He became the third player from his home country to win a WSOP bracelet.

Starting the final table in a thundering fashion was Craig Timmis who went on to score the first four eliminations at the table, knocking out Alex ‘rubbherducky’ Difelice out in ninth place, and then busting Shaul ‘yoffitoffi’ Meir, Nikolaus ‘schnitzolauf’ Eigners, and Attila ‘zzzumbaaa’ Kuna.

Lee got involved in the elimination game during 5-handed action. Action folded to Lee who raised to 600,000 before Jung Teoh re-raised to 1,800,000. Lee bet 3,600,000 and Jung Teoh called. Jung Teoh was ahead with Ah-Kd-Ks 3c  vs As 9s 5h 2h that Lee held. The the flop came 10d 6c 3s. The Js turn gave Lee a flush draw but the 4c river gave straight and Jung Teoh was eliminated in fifth place.

Lee’s next victim was Bradley Ruben whose Kc 7h 6h 5c lost to Lee’s Qd 8d 8h 3s on the Kh 8s 7d Qc 3h board. After Timmis going out in third place, it came to heads-up between Lee and Peltoniem

Holding a 5-1 chip lead into heads-up, Lee took just five minutes to eliminate his final opponent. Peltoniemi raised to 720,000 and then called all in when Lee raised to 2,160,000. Peltoniemi had Kd 8d 8h 7d, while Lee held Ad Jc 10d 10h. The board ran out Ac 9s 3h 2c 4d, ending Peltoniemi’s run in the second place and giving Lee his first career bracelet and a hefty $79,896 in top prizemoney.

The tournament generated a massive $971,000 prize pool that was shared by top 134 players with a min-cash starting at $1,196. Some notables to finish ITM were Aku Joentausta (15th for $3,236), Belarmino ‘Iseey0urcard’ De Souza (30th for $1,891), Farid Jattin (42nd for $1,891), Chris Hunichen (44th for $1,891), Mike ‘GoJiGo’ Leah (84th for $1,393), and Gavin Cochrane (109th for $1,196).

Final Table Payouts

  1. Andy Hun Wei Lee – $161,886
  2. Janne ‘Fructu’ Peltoniemi – $64,246
  3. Craig Timmis – $66,836
  4. Bradley ‘DrStrange7’ Ruben – $39,472
  5. Teoh ‘Paul Teoh’ Mingjuen – $37,083
  6. Attila ‘zzzumbaaa’ Kuna – $25,287
  7. Nikolaus ‘schnitzolauf’ Eigners – $14,537
  8. Shaul ‘yoffitoffi’ Meir – $12,031
  9. Alex ‘rubbherducky’ Difelice – $10,442